Simple formula to get anything you want

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Since starting my journey as a digital entrepreneur, I have devoted part of my education time to mindset training and specifically to simple formulas to get what I want.

I listen to a lot of audios. Right now, I am really into Jim Rhon. He had a unique way to say things in a simple yet, powerful manner. Plus, some quotes are funny as hell.

I have on my phone right now, his personal development seminar (2 hours long audio).

You can watch the video on youtube here.

To be honest, not a single day pass by without me listening to it several times.

And since you are wondering, no, I am not out of my mind:)

The funny fact is that I learn something new every single time I listen to it. I mean it is crazy. You will think that I would know the audio by heart by now. 


It's like multiple videos in one if that makes sense.

So, there is so many information in this video that I might need several videos to go through all of them:) How convenient!

Jim Rhon has a simple formula to get what one wants. Ready?

Here it is:


That's it:)

Really, it is that simple.

Now, he says that he doesn't know how it works, but it does.

You can ever concentrate on the roots science or pick the fruits:)

The way I understand it is to write down your goals and focus on them. Your thoughts and words have an impact on the way you react, move... So avoid the nasty stuff.

Remember the old say: "careful about what you wish because you might get it".

Writing down what you want and keeping your attention on it and more importantly, on the positive emotions you are feeling, are part of the process of receiving whatever you are looking for.

Note that your subconscious way of communication is not through words but through emotions, positive ones.

The moment you write down what you want, it's on its way. 

Focusing on being positive and feeling good, happy at any moment will bring what you want faster.

You don't need to know how you are going to achieve it. The constant focus on your goals will bring you the means to achieve them.

I am in. What about you?

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Till next time, take care:)

Much love from Corsica.