20 things to do to be happy in 2018

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NEW YEAR here I come ready more than ever!

As we start a new year we all get this compulsive urge of restarting, recommitting, either to our health and fitness, or our plans to be more successful, improve our finances, get out of debt, reduce stress, and manage time more efficiently.

I started the new year with a different approach, instead of setting down goals and making commitments to change behaviour, I created my own my list of twenty things to do to be happy in 2018.

1. Find Meaning in your work, we are all Missionaries in different ways, we are here for a reason.

2. Embrace the concept of Mastery; we all have skills, by mastering only one skill we can go far in our careers and be true and authentic in what we do.

3. Happy people have Signature Strengths, find yours and leverage it.

4.Think not of what you want to change in order to be different, but Who you want to Be, what your expectations are.

5.Accept your failures, because if you don’t fail you will not learn.   


6. Invest time and money in your knowledge, read a book, listen to an audio book, attend a live event, grow your network, travel, go places and meet new people.

7. Set your mind to be fearless and ready to stumble, make mistakes and be prepared to struggle, because struggling is the evidence of progress.

8. It takes failure to succeed, and it is not as scary as we think it is.

9. Make no mistake; the quality of our lives is the result of the quality of our thoughts, whatever thought you put in your conscious mind; you get the exact same results.

10. Don’t be hard on yourself, always reward yourself for the smallest wins, it feels good to be mindful of your progress and achievements.

11. Stop comparing yourself with others, because you don’t know how hard they tried, in order to perform that magic trick so well.

12. Give it the time it takes, because big things don’t happen overnight, there is a long process to become the best version of you.

13. Commit to your success and show every day up for yourself Be consistent.

14. Don’t ever stop learning, because when you stop growing you will die, like a stagnant river that turns in to a muddy pond.

15. Stop taking yourself so seriously; wear a big red nose like a clown if you need to.

                             20 things to do to be happy in 2018

16. Feel the pain of the world but be happy anyways, let the universe take its course.

17. Have fun, enjoy the ride, make your life simple, have faith in you.

18. Learn how to meditate deeply, do yoga, take dancing lessons, go out for a replenishing walk.

19. Love yourself.

20. Laugh loud and hard, Be Happy.

Cheers to a new year, another chance for us to get it right. 

I hope that my article inspires you to be happy in 2018. May the new year bring you lots of love, and success.

From my heart to yours, all the love and regards
Have a good life!

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