4 Obstacles in The Way of Achieving The Life You Want

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Do you want to be like this dude in the picture?

Do you want to make that leap towards what you want? Overcoming what you don't want?

We all kind of want that, don't we? To leap over the obstacles stopping us from achieving the life we want? Achieving a life we never thought possible.

To be our own boss maybe? To determine how much we get paid by the amount of work we put in? To decide when we work? To decide where in the world we want to work and live? Or maybe we want to figure out what we’re passionate about and build a business around those things?

If these are your aspirations, then great - this post is exactly for you.

I'll let you in on a secret.

All of this can be achieved through what I call "the laptop lifestyle". And I can show you how.

Keen? Okay, so let's find out what's stopping you from achieving it.

If I told you you can sign up right now for a laptop lifestyle free workshop training series, explaining to you exactly the take steps you need to take in order to achieve everything I've just stated above - what would you say?

Would you say "Yes please"? If so, go right ahead.

If not, would you make an excuse? 

“It’s not for me”.

“I don’t have enough time”.

“I don’t have enough money”.

We all make these excuses sometimes which we think are the reasons for stopping us from achieving what we want.

But they are just excuses.

We can always find more time for what’s important to us.

If quitting your job and having more time and financial freedom by achieving the laptop lifestyle is important to you, then trust me, you’ll find the time to make it a reality.

So, what is the real reason

Are You Afraid You’ll Fail

If so, that’s okay.

I’ve failed.

Have you ever met a person that hasn't failed?

Sometimes the only way to grow and learn is through failure.

We have a saying here in the community: “fail fast and fail forward”.

It means - accept the fact that you’re going to fail in the beginning, but learn from those failures so that it can set you up for future success.

Failure is part of life.

Learn to accept it and you’ll never see failing in a negative aspect, you’ll begin to see it as lessons learnt along your journey to success.

Are You Afraid of What Other People Will Think?

Your parents?

Your partner?

Maybe your friends?

Are you afraid that they'll see you in a different light, or frown upon you for not following the traditional way of making money - by working a 9 to 5?

If so, it's okay to have these worries and fears. What you need to remember is, no one is on the same journey.

You have to do what's best for you and what’s going to make you succeed in your life.

Your friends, parents and/or partner might not understand in the beginning, and that’s okay - they care about you, and they don’t want to see you fail.

When I started my laptop lifestyle journey, I did not tell my family and friends that I was going to quit my job to pursue it, to be my own boss, to write my own paycheques, to work whenever I wanted to work.

If I had told my mom she probably would have tried to smack some sense into me.

After I achieved the laptop lifestyle, I told them and they had no choice but to support me.


Because I had shown them through the act of doing that I managed to achieve what I set out to achieve. Show them with your results, and they’ll have no option but to support and believe in you.

Is Not Knowing Where to Start Stopping You?

That’s okay too. I had no clue where to start either. I knew what I wanted though - I wanted more free time to do the things which I really enjoyed.

So I found a way to make that happen - which was only possible by realising that I had no clue where to start in the first place. Realising the reason behind what's stopping in the first place is the FIRST step towards achieving the life you want.

Once you realise what's stopping you and overcome it (the hardest part is actually realising it, not overcoming it), you'll be taken by the hand through the get-started modules, which will teach you exactly how to get started, step-by-step.

We’ve set up a community here of like-minded individuals who are all devoted to your success - so if you need help or an answer to a question, the community has your back. 

Are You Afraid You Don't Have The Technical Know-How to Succeed?

Well, that's okay too!

You’ll be given access to over 10 000 courses through LinkedIn learning so that if it's a skill you’re after, you can go out there and learn the skill you need to succeed. 

We've made the setup process really simple to make sure you have a solid foundation in your pursuit of being your own boss.

I Was Afraid Too at One Point

Firstly I was afraid this would just be another scam. So I made up an excuse in my head that it wouldn't work for me.

But then I realised what I was more afraid of.

I was more afraid of staying exactly where I was at that point in my life - staying in a job.

I was more afraid of waking up every day and having to go to work for the rest of my life.

I was more afraid of not pursuing the things in life which really brought me joy.

I was more afraid of those things than of pursuing this opportunity that had presented itself to me. An opportunity to build a future for myself other than working a 9 to 5.

How glad I am that I CHOSE to pursue this, and now I'm sitting here offering to help you overcome the obstacles in your way of achieving the same for yourself.

So, What’s REALLY Stopping You?

What's the real reason you’re afraid? Be honest with yourself. Only you can answer what’s really stopping you from living a life you’re worthy of living.

Once you figure it out, you’ll be able to address that it, OVERCOME IT, and live a life you never thought possible. A life where you’re your own boss. Where you determine how much you get paid for the amount of work you put in. Where you decide when you work. Where you decide where you work. Where you can build a business around your interests and passions so that it doesn't become work anymore - it becomes your lifestyle.

The Laptop Lifestyle.

The sooner you start realising what's stopping you, the sooner you can make this a reality for yourself.

You deserve to live every day on your terms.

Don't believe me?

The best proof comes from people just like you who all had different fears in the beginning, but overcame them to achieve what the laptop lifestyle has been able to offer them!

So, I look forward to hearing what you think in the comments below, and getting to know you more when you decide that this is the journey for you as well :)

Until next time, stay safe!

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