9 Tips How To Start Your Own Online Business From Scratch

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Our world is now so interconnected that in just one day you could virtually visit all 195 countries that make up the globe. You can then talk to 195 virtual friends, male or female, and learn one or two things about every single country. Thanks to the power of technology and the internet.

However with the tragic sudden appearance of one of the deadliest viruses in human history, the COVID 19 or Corona Virus, suddenly, instead of virtual friends, many are sifting through the “net” to find out how to start an online business. The internet searches on “Starting A Business Online” has gained tremendous momentum at present.

So how can you start your own online business from scratch?

You may see numerous headlines saying “How a stay at home mum is making money online” or simply “Work from home”. So As I write time has never been more generous, offering the opportunity to start an online business. And it gets even sweeter knowing that you can start to create a business online from scratch without all the overheads and daunting paperwork that come with an offline business set up. And even better you can do it around the things you really love or are passionate about.

If you look at success stories on youtube, magazines such as Forbes and other sources, you will find that most of them have to do with entrepreneurship; which means people running their own businesses.

I love Youtube, a platform where you can find almost anything of interest. A few years back I stumbled across a video where an American man was boasting how he was making “tonnes” of money every week thanks to an online system he had created. He showed lots of pictures of himself living the “high life” in exotic places around the world. He also showed a number of bank statements showing the various earnings he was making. At one point he is seen in a luxurious swimming pool, saying that it was him in his luxurious mansion in Costa Rica and how far this was from his poor days when he lived in his van.

Back then, It was so surreal to me and I thought “To good to be true” and did not give any further interest. Had I done maybe a bit more research, I could have probably found out if this was real. Anyways today, with more research tools at our disposal, we can, with a bit of effort, find many online business success stories, that it is almost becoming the norm.

The 9 tips I am giving you right now are all based on thorough research and gives, not only inspirations but also how you can start your own online business from scratch.

  1. Do some research about online business training organizations or schools that are out there in order to find the most suitable one. Then you can make your choice based on an informed decision.
  2. Having your own online business is exciting but also requires some learning new skills. So be prepared to do a bit of work and especially invest in yourself.
  3. Because you stand on your own ground (not that of your ex-boss) as an online business owner, you have a vision for your own success. You know what you want. Learn the needed marketing tools that will allow you to get customers and clients. Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. So learn it and you have the key to your success.
  4. Think of starting an online business as a mission. Then you will immediately know that you are in it for a mission because you will stand your own ground and dedicate yourself to a mission of your own.
  5. Business owners do not fail, they quit. So never quit, your success usually starts when the going gets tough. Dedicate yourself to a mindset of a winner. Meaning says to yourself every single day you wake up “I can do it”. And take action!
  6. You become creative, in order to get what you want. So in essence you become a creator of your own destiny. Your destiny is in your own hands. Start creating it today. It all starts with a thought in your imagination.
  7. Working for yourself as an online business owner is wonderful. It makes you take responsibility but you also become a visionary. You will have a vision of what you really want to achieve. So sit down in a calm place every morning when you wake up and see in your mind starting an online business from scratch.
  8. Get your mindset on starting with the best platform with the cutting edge tools to get you up and running in as little time as possible.
  9. Once you find the best one to give you the best learning tools, the 24hr support, and the mentors to guide you, then start at once and push forward.

The Benefits Of Running Your Own Business

When you run your own business, you will also pay yourself, before you pay anyone else, the taxman included.

Most business owners are entrepreneurs and become leaders in their own right, in their own field of gifts. Leaders have a vision and a great drive to succeed.

Leaders are also readers and perpetual learners.

Recessions Are A Great Opportunity

With the astonishing rise of the internet, gracing us with the age of information, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) science, and the Internet of things already in motion, things can only translate into one thing: online businesses taking over. This is already the case with companies like Amazon.

Tragically, recessions bring with them job losses and record numbers of unemployment. This was seen in the aftermath of the 2008 recession sadly. And as I write another one is almost guaranteed to happen with the arrival of the Coronavirus hitting the global economy hard. According to reliable sources, it is estimated that over 47 million people will lose their jobs, in the United States of America alone. So guess what many will do! Yes, turn to online business. I predict that in a decade or so from now, commuting to work and employment will be a thing of the past. The world as we know it will be changed after Corona and more and more people will be working from home or somewhere on a tropical beach.

Find A Good System To Help Set You Up

In the meantime, great systems for learning new skills geared to digital entrepreneurship allowing many to set up an online business, are flourishing. One such system is the Six Figure Mentors (SFM). With their Digital Experts Academy and Digital Business lounge, equipped with the latest tools designed to help anyone start an online business from scratch, a 24hr support from a vibrant community of like-minded people, you have at your disposal an awesome platform.

I have benefited from their mind-blowing training, taking me to step by step through an exciting and fun way to learn my new skills. I easily glided through the easy-to-use tools while learning at my own pace. I could go back to any lesson or module and review a video or webinar, to better learn and progress.

You will be guided and supported any time you wish, mentored all the way through and will be given the opportunity to take part of their popular events and social media community of like-minded people amongst whom are successful online business owners as well as newcomers students of all backgrounds, age, and gender.

Do not take my word for it. check it out yourself. And good luck with a very exciting world of online business. And remember! Take action!

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