90% of the people who try online business fail, why are you the exception?

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I have some people you are so skeptical about trying new things so this article is meant for you. Please don't be offended if I enjoy my moments of writing through entertaining dialogue. I simply cannot believe how some people, of course, if you are reading this you are not one of them understand.

I have openly advocated for this community SFM. It is with the heart that I want people to evolve and grow into something better than themselves. If you are willing to take a chance and leap you will be amazed by the kind of things you will learn in this community.

And here comes the disclaimer: not all who have joined this well supportive community have made it to their dreams. I have heard that 90% of them fail. This is a staggering figure it's the kind of figure that you really want to look at before even conceiving the idea of this online marketing and digital economy.

What is the funniest incident I have come across concerning this scenario? It is the one where people critique some of us who are making as to spreading wrong propaganda because SFM is a scam. Well, I have some news for you.

Before something is a scam I suppose it has to pass some qualification steps such as has it worked for anyone? If it has does it have steps you can replicate follow and get the same results? Is it predictable under some conditions if you have yes for these questions then maybe it YOU not that the program is a scam?

I mean come on if you buy a shiny new pencil, sharpen it with a 100$ sharpener and then draw an ugly painting do you then say, company X is a scam because their pencils can't draw? How about if someone else is using the same pencil to draw a million dollar paintings. Whom should we blame in this scenario? Let us think this through for a few seconds.

No one wants the blame!

Okay, let us be serious for a minute here. I would like to inform you about some things about this online world.

  1. It is real: there are many people out there who are making it with the same material some people condemn.
  2. Results differ: how much are you putting into this to make it happen. I remember when I began I had a few coins to get started. I have had to sacrifice per month from my salary in order to see this happen. What you do will determine what you get.
  3. Just because: just because I am seeing some results doesn't guarantee this for you. I will leave this at that.
  4. Online platforms are tools: these online platforms are tools, not magic wands which you can wave and sing some charm and results appear. You have to work hard at the whole concept, pay the price for success and be patient till the time to manifest comes.

In my early school days, we had a very interesting saying: "A bad workman blames their tools". It is typical of many people who are so quick to grumble and complain instead of using their time for more profitable things. I suggest you take the 7 Day free video series, consider the material carefully and then apply consistently in order to know if it will work for you or not.

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Till later.

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