How to make a decision quickly, good and right

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Mastering the ability to make a decision quickly, right and good at the same time can virtually eliminate conflicts and confusion. It can help you get better results in any area of your life. 

When You Make A Decision, Make Sure It Is Correct In Advance. Here is How.

Consequences of some decisions can be painful; no matter whether decisions were wrong or right. Nobody wants to make a wrong decision and then regret it. It is evident that it was the wrong one when you regret it. If necessary, you wouldn't repeat it. But when you have no cause to regret it, two outcomes are usually present:

Your decision was either right and good at the same time,
It wasn't the best one, but it was still good and surely right.

In the first case, you are usually delighted with your decision and would repeat it again, if necessary.

In the second case, the decision wasn't the best one. You were not aware of a better choice, or you didn't have it. Therefore, it was only acceptable, but it was definitely right. You know that, and you feel that. If necessary, you would repeat substantially same decision with certain adjustments, if being aware of them and if possible.

To summarize, making the right and good decision at the same time means making the correct decision. This kind of decisions you wouldn't change (except certain adjustments, if possible), and you won't regret. Consequences of correct decisions are always good feelings, the absent of doubt, peace of mind, order, and better results in any area of our life.

Is It Possible To Be Sure In Advance?


One may say that we can only predict the correctness of our decision and no-one can be sure in advance. And also that only the results and consequences (immediate or in the future) can show us if it was right or wrong. (Post festum) But, however it may sound strange to discuss this question, I believe that if you use Four-Point Process, your decision will be good and right, and correct in advance - for sure.

Here Is Why

(To properly understand and get the most from further explanation, make sure you are familiar with Four-Point Process or read Make This Process Your Habit, And You'll Become A Quick Decision Maker.)

1. You cover the issue regarding WHAT YOU WANT and YOUR GOAL ACHIEVEMENT.


When you make a decision through the Four-Point Process, the first two questions are directly connected to what you want and to your goal achievement. "If you can tell me what you want, I can show you how to get it." - Bob Proctor.  Goal setters and goal achievers are decision makers.

"If you don't know where you are going, any road can take you there - Lewis Carroll" (you don't have to make any decision)

2. You cover the issue related to OUR HIGHER INTELLIGENCE


The third question is related to God - The Creator of all creations and the Universe where everything is in order.
Jesus says: » But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.« (Matthew 6:33, English Standard Version)

3. You cover the issue of ALL THE OTHER


The fourth question doesn't relate only to human beings but also to animals and all animate and inanimate nature, as well as everything ever created.

Using The Four-Point Process in decision making, you can be sure in advance in the correctness of your decisions. 

The Decision Making Process In Your Everyday Lives

In my opinion, this is the fundamental and holistic decision-making process. It is not easy, but it's simple to remember and simple to use in rapid daily life.

There is much other decision making processes or systems, which are or can be extremely useful in different life and business situations.

But I also think that each of them should be tested on The Four-Point Process first. If the outcome is positive, it can be then freely used in a given situation or for a particular purpose. The whole world would be much better! Think about.

To feel good, calm and have no doubt in your decision, as well as to get better results in all area of your life, consider using the Four-Point Process in your everyday lives.

Zvonko Mikus, Entrepreneur, Marketer, Bloger

I hope you enjoyed reading and found this article valuable. If so, please, Share, make a comment and share your decision making experiences bellow. :-) Feel free to join me with my next post, on Thursday, 6/29/2017. In the meantime, enjoy every minute and be happy!

I wish you all the best.

Zvonko Mikus

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