A Journey To A Perfect Life!

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One of the most frustrating things about working for someone else in the 9-5 rat race is the fact that alot of the time everything else in our lives plays second fiddle. We get caught up in dead lines or petty issues with staff/colleagues and all of this eats away at our zeist for life. I was finding myself absolutely exhausted by the time I was coming home and this had a knock on affect on my family life. I was short with my kids and wife and they where not getting the attention or the support they deserved. This vicious circle just kept on going and going until it got to the weekend where I would then drink to escape from the stress of the week I had just put in. As I write this it becomes clear how damaging and destructive our lifes can become!

Thankfully I have been able to take a step outside and have a good look at what was going on in my life, it only took 40 years but who's counting, I'm sure there are some 80 year olds who have never had the chance to do it so I see myself as one of the lucky ones. But this was the easy bit! At 42 years old what was I to do? This question still haunts me but I am making progress so something must be happening lol. I started with looking at ways to stop my work life interferring with my personal life. For a long time I would say that "it's only a job, stop over thinking it" but who was I fooling, I still couldn't stop the stress levels from rising and the mind from over thinking. Thankfully I found that by making the time to do the things I loved and missed for to long I was able to in a sense control my mind, I started getting up an hour earlier than I used to and I now do 20 minutes of yoga, 15 minutes of mediatation and about 20 minutes of reading before taking my dogs out for a run. So by the time I would usually be getting up I have acomplished so much already and this set my mood for the day, it some how improved my mindset and took my overall focus of my job and turned it onto my family and myself, sitting here writing this I can honestly say that these simple changes have had a big impact on my life for the better.

Due to the limitations put on my life by my job I have also been looking for ways to replace my income with something which does not take over my life. I joined an online community called The SFM and I have built my very own online business which has been challenging as I started from scratch with absolutely zero experience but I am making progress and being able to help others has been an absolute game changer for me, I am continuing to build my online business at lucianolifestyle.com and hopefully someday it will allow me to achieve the sense of freedom I so do desire. My aim is to be able to manage my business around my family and my hobbies so that everyday I am able to live a full and exciting life. Hiking to the top of a mountain, stopping for a break, checking my emails and then being home for my kids finishing school sounds a pretty good day to me.

Along my journey so far I have also come to realise the importance of real life events and those moments which make you laugh, for to long they had been hidden dormant in my life! The craving for that new car or the new pair of trainers has been replaced with the desrie to create memories with the people I love and the feeling you get from time spent with family lasts far longer than those you can get from material items, so maybe it is time we all stopped setting goals on those material items we desire and we started to open our eyes to that which is standing right in front of us! 

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