A Quality Of A Leader


There are many qualities of a leader. But, did you ever think about  there is a difference between a leader and a great leader? President Truman had a sign on his desk where most people put their name plate. What Truman had was a sign that said: The buck stops here. Harry Truman possessed the quality of a great leader. He took responsibility-- radical responsibility -- to lead this country.

There Are Consequences And Rewards

radical: adj. 1. a) of or from the root or roots; going to the foundation or source of something:fundamental: basic (New World American Dictionary of the American Language Second College Edition p1171). A Quality Of A Leader (Calpers Loan) Take a look at your life. Is it what you expected when you were growing up? Think about your childhood dreams of what your adult life was to be. How do the two pictures match up? Are they even close? I don't mean to hit you upside the head with this, but ... I have to be honest with you. The way your life is today is based on the decisions you made in the past. Now decide if those decisions are a consequence or a reward. Because if you don't like your life, job, marriage, friends, you name it, all that is based on your decisions of the past. And please, don't feel hopeless yet. There is a way out. But you'll have to pull out a sheet of paper and write down the answer to this question I am about to ask you. A Quality Of A Leader (Pinterest) What decisions in your past are you willing to take responsibility for? Now that you have written that down, I have to ask; are you willing to take radical responsibility for those decisions? I mean own them and change what you can. Granted, we are talking about the past. The past is done and over with. I get it. But mistakes can haunt us and subconsciously, we still react to them.

My Past

I'll give you an example of what I mean by reacting to the past: As I was growing up, my parents sent us five kids to a Catholic school. And in fifth grade, there stood Sister Mary MegaB. (I'll let you guess at what the "B" stands for.) A Quality Of A Leader  I could tell early on she didn't appreciate me in her class much less me breathing. She took every opportunity to humiliate me in front of the class she could. Halfway through the year, my mother called the convent to talk to the principal of the school and chatted about my schooling.  Sister Mary MegaB got on the phone and the truth came out about her feelings about me. Mom walked up to me sometime during the Winter Break and told me that I wasn't going back to that school in January. After I settled into my new surroundings, I made a promise to myself that no woman was going to treat me that way. As time went on, I, in some unconscious way, had forgotten about it. But every time a woman started yelling at me, I'd get dead in her face and did my best to get her to back down. That would include my sisters, but never my mother. (Realizing that, I don't do that so much anymore. I have cleared that from my reactions because I decided to take radical responsibility for it.)

The Reward Of Taking Responsibility

As we take radical responsibility, we grow confidence and self-respect. We see ourselves differently. I like to believe that when we do take on that part of life, we know and understand others and how they may feel about what they are going through. So we become gentler in our ways, more forgiving in our judgment of others. It improves our lives and we are happier for it. A Quality Of A Leader (Udemy Blog) Go and list all the things you want to change in your lives. Take radical responsibility for all the decisions you've made that put you in the position in your life where you sit today. Close the door on your past and plan your future today. For today is the only thing you have control over. You can't control your yesterdays. Remember the answer(s) to the question I asked? Now, after what you wrote, write; No more! and see how you feel about yourself. You'll feel even better if you follow that promise you just made to yourself.

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