Adjust your Lifestyle, not your Dreams

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To many of us sacrifice what we value most in exchange for the things we have somehow decided to settle for. We succumb to a lifestyle that the world has forced onto us, and therefore we pave our way into new activities that help us accept the loss of dreams once pursued. It could be that mistakes of the past have forced us to settle for a life we assumed we would rise above. We wanted to achieve more, do great things, help others and change the world in our own unique way. But somehow we ended up doing pretty much the same thing as everybody else, lying in bed at night thinking of all the great things we really and truly wanted to do.

What you need to ask yourself is are you adjusting your lifestyle to accommodate the life you currently live? Or are you adjusting your lifestyle to achieve the dreams that still live inside you?

Anyone has the potential to become successful, even within a lifestyle they might have been forced to accept. There is nothing wrong with making the best of what you have, it's honorable, ethical and respectful. After all, how will you be able to sustain a dream lifestyle when you are unable to make the best of what you currently have? One of the keys to success is accepting, that where you are now is exactly where you need to be. The first step towards victory and greatness starts within your current situation and using it to your advantage. Attitude determines altitude right?

So what do we mean by adjusting your lifestyle and not your dreams? I guess the real question is how big are your dreams? Because if your dream entails doing the best you can and making the best of what you have, then you're on the right track but not 100% there yet? Adjusting your lifestyle and not your dreams only become valid when you have a dream so big that it goes beyond your current circumstance. It goes further than having a positive attitude and making the best of what you have. It moves the term attitude determines altitude, to attitude explores an altitude way above what you know and what you're used to! Making the best of the situation you're in deserves a handshake and a pad on the back to say well done! We will even throw in a golden star for you! But what we want to know is what happened to those dreams that you once had, those dreams of doing great things, things that could change the world? Things that could change not only your life but the lives of those around you forever! Things that you know will never become true within the current environment and circumstance you're in, no matter how successful you become in them.

So do you still have those dreams, and if so why are you not able to set those dreams into action and follow the path you once knew you were destined to follow? Perhaps it is that those dreams are only dreams, and there is no purpose living a life that you know can never become reality. The world has told you it's not possible and your just not one of those people that are capable of doing such things. Without sounding like a motivational speaker let me say, that might be correct. There are plenty of people that achieve great things that were just born to do so! Unfortunately, not all of us are as talented as others. But we are all special! We are all unique, and we all have certain things were good at and if applied correctly things we can become great at! We all have the ability to exploit these special talents and gifts we've been blessed with. Those special gifts are the cornerstone from where we get our great ideas and world-changing plans. It's the center from where we dream because it's the one place we know were capable of making those dreams become reality. So what if there was a way to exploit these dreams? A way to ensure that our special blessings are nurtured and molded into a unique talent special enough to do great things with?

Unfortunately, before we're able to answer that question we need to come back to the title of this blog and that is, are we capable of adjusting our lifestyles before we settle for adjusting our dreams? Because the reality is that were already stuck in a lifestyle, one with responsibilities and most probably dependents. But most importantly one with certain habits and activities we do on a regular basis to allow ourselves some down time from this lifestyle we have had to accept. Television, golf, socializing, spending money on things we don't need but we buy them anyway because they make us feel better about ourselves. Why is it that we do things that have zero contribution to our lives yet they make us feel satisfied and whole. Almost as if they replace the things we really want to do, but we know those things will never really happen because that lifestyle is a dream too far-fetched. We look at all the great things successful people do and we say, wow that's cool but I will never be able to do that. No, not true! You can do it, but in order to get there, you might have to realize that chasing your dreams will require you to adjust your lifestyle more than adjusting those dreams. You see no one's going to hand it to you on a silver platter and say here you go bud, there's your dream lifestyle, you can now change the world without having to put in the work. The problem with that is we avoid learning anything from it. The hardest part to achieving our dreams is the part where we start to realize what we have to give up in order to get there. You see all these great people doing these great things had to give up certain things in order to get to where they are today. Even though they have it all now, behind the scenes there was a stage where they chose to sacrifice their lifestyle but they refused to sacrifice their dreams! Therefore it is important to realize that for each us, no matter where you are or what you do you can still achieve those dreams if your willing to put in the work. However, putting in the work requires you to make the time and funds available to do so. The time you might normally spend watching TV, playing golf or socializing. The money you would normally spend on things you don't really and truly need. Too many people think that achieving their dreams requires them to give up the time and the money they need to keep the people closest to them happy and supported. They still do the things they enjoy personally and would rather cut back on the time and money they need to keep their loved ones and dependants happy. We strongly advise you not to do that. Achieving your dream means nothing when you have no one to celebrate it with. Therefore when we say adjust YOUR lifestyle and not YOUR dreams, we don't mean adjust the lifestyle of others to achieve your dreams.

Be truthful, be authentic, be reliable and accountable to yourself! Are you able and capable of giving up the things you enjoy but don't need right now, to achieve the things that you always knew you were capable of achieving? Are you able to cut the time you spend in front of the TV, on the golf course, in the pubs, in order to maintain the time you spend with your loved ones and dependents? Are you willing to do this and at the same time put in the work required for you to achieve your dreams so that you may have a lifestyle most people could only dream off? Because if you are indeed willing to adjust your lifestyle and not your dreams then we promise you that you can still live the life you always thought you would! No one said it would be easy, the harder it gets just remember, adjust your lifestyle, not your dreams! The more you have to adjust, the closer you get to achieving your dreams! The more time you give up for yourself so that you can spend time with others and still make time to fight for your dreams, the more you will know how valuable that success is when you achieve it. Then when people ask you how did you do it? You can answer them correctly because you can't tell them how to get there, you can only ask them, are they willing to adjust their lifestyles for their dreams??!!

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