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One of the most important factors in life, maybe the most valuable, is to be in a context where we feel acceptance and fit in. I believe that the major cause of illness often comes from the fact that we spend too much time in environments that don´t match our personality and vice versa, simply a bad match and timing most often.

What is fascinating and unfortunate is that we rarely see or feel it when it is happening, even if it is unhealty and in the long run dangerous for us. So why do we continue to struggle in situations that will not change and where we cannot adapt in a positive spirit?

From my own experince in life, I have noticed that when my kind of personality end up in contexts where I feel...NO-FIT...the result in the long run seems to be unsecurity, lack of energy, frustration, sadness, passivity and some withdrawale, that is, contrary to how I usually react in general.

The entrepreuner in me which is quite large, who see opportunities, have joyful drive and love collaboration with others who have the same lifestyle lose out substantially in NO-FIT state.

It has taken sometime to adapt to the fact that it is not healthy for me and my closest ones to be in contexts without interaction and acceptance, the price is too high for everyone.

We need to find our contexts where commitment is genuine and tickling each day, in other words feelings of freedom and happiness in beeing A-FIT instead of NO-FIT

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