Always Learning

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Hello Everyone,

How has your week of sketching been?

This week I get the sense I will be always learning, which is a good thing. Nothing ever stands still and this is the same for art.  It is always progressing and us, as artists are always learning.

Learning Materials

For me my go to’s for learning art are YouTube and books to get tips and tricks to try out and see what fits.  I found a tutorial about drawing the head using the Loomis method which complemented the book I bought a few months ago.  The YouTube channel is RapidFire Art and the explanation was so crystal clear and it slotted into place for me how to place the hair and nose line with the side plane circle which I was struggling with a lot and it skewed my proportions.

                     Always Learning

I have been practicing this ever since with the 3/4 face view.  I am always going back to my books and YouTube to either motivate or inspire me if I am having what I like to call a ‘slow’ day and also to keep the momentum going. 

Faces, Faces, Faces

I seem to have segued into drawing faces from early on in my sketch a day challenge  and am still on them, they don’t seem to be going away.  When I was a kid I used to draw pop stars or my favourite actors from the posters I had in my room.  That was before mobiles, tablets, laptops and kids generally having a TV in their bedrooms. 

I think this is where my obsession with faces came from, my goal was to get my drawing to look like the person.  Now it is to look proportioned and my skill to be able to draw any from my mind, make up a face when ever I want and to design a character. A good goal to have I think :-) So with this in mind I am happy to be always learning.

To see my sketches for the week please see my Instagram account @zoebadgerart.

Happy sketching.


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