Are New Year's Resolutions just de-ja-vous?

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Yes it's that time of year again! Time for the christmas tree to come out of the box from the shed. Time to wipe those cobwebs from the tinsel and give your family the small gestures of affection. But amongst all the celebration we all spend a period of time looking back at our year. The successes and hiccups, the holidays and hard days.

How did you begin your year on the 1st of January 2018? What were the promises you made yourself? Did you manage to keep them all? Is it going to be another year trying to reach the same goals?

I really concern myself at times! I feel like we just make those resolutions for the sake of it and the intentions feel half hearted. Forget that gym membership that was supposed to make you fit that you never used! Unless you actually go there and use the equipment you've wasted your money. Forget the swear box that I never filled with pound coins every time a blurted an unsavoury word ,whilst stuck in grid locked traffic. What about the times we were supposed to be there in the present moment for our kids but were too busy working or feeling too shatter from work, to ask them how their day was? What about the times we said we would go on that date night to rekindle our relationships but something else came up? 

It all stems from one thing- our true intentions. If our need for change is great enough and we were in a state of desperation, then we would change. If you felt like changing your career because you were feeling fed up and stale in your job you could play with the idea of looking at similar jobs that you could cope with. But when push comes to shove you might back off because it's too hard or you feel too uncomfortable with the change. Sometimes we try to change but after a period of time, the novelty just wears off and we revert back to how we were before.

So our true intention needs commitment, and a defiant stand point. I should be thinking now, that whatever happens I'm still going to do this. No doubts, no procrastination, no excuses. There is a deeper feeling of determination that has to kick in. Without this we just simply keep going back to square one. 

When we make that sound resolve for a change, it has to be with positive intentions that are specific. 

Merely saying to yourself 'I'm going to get fit' and then just sitting around waiting to get fit, just isn't going to work! Similarly saying 'I'm going to spend more time with my kids or my spouse to make my relationship stronger' isn't going to do it. If there is dog poop on my decking and I will it to disappear, shear will power isn't going to remove it! (I have tried that by the way!)

We need action that is measurable. However the intention is a start! In January I took some action to change my career, having looked at several career. Having been a Science Teacher for a number of years I just wanted a change. I could have gone for being a tutor but didn't want the travelling because I felt like I'd be in the same boat. I applied for a postwoman job but was too slow to read the postcodes (I'm showing my age or I just needed glasses), I applied for various jobs that I deamed stress free but just got rejected on the grounds that I was over qualified or didn't have any experience and would have to take a paycut in income. Some of these jobs would have taken me away from my family for long periods of time- as in sales jobs. Other jobs would have made me work 70 hours a week, which I just wasn't prepared to do. I began to think about work I could do from my laptop and did a quick search on Youtube. There was so much training about with people claiming to have become successful at selling products and service on the internet. There was a man talking about selling other peoples products and getting a cut of the commission. He said it was his get rich scheme. He had a flash car and a posh house.I just didn't believe him. He didn't seem like the real deal to me and I wasn't going to fall for it. I didn't fancy that route but liked the idea of starting my own online businesses. I watched plenty of meditation videos at the time, mantras and music to give my tired soul some peace from worrying about the future. I knew that if I carried on the way I was I would be digging myself into the ground. I wanted to elminate stress from every aspect of my life, become more in-tuned to myself so that I could improve my outlook on life.

It was not until the 4th of January 2018 that I stumbled across a mentor that I thought could help me. She had made a success of herself over a period of a few years, had a great following and spoke the kind of language that I thought actually made sense. She was intelligent, was passionate about what she believed in and above all had the best intentions.She had left her long career as an investment banker and had successfully set up her own online businesses. She was living the life I dreamt of. Having time freedom to go wherever you want and work from your laptop came with its benefits. As you automate your businesses, after the initial set up, they run themselves. I really want to change my career but couldn't stomach having to answer to yet another boss. I really just wanted to be accountable to myself. I soon realised that I'd have to take the plunge and try out the same. I knew that I could have backed off and unsubscribed if I couldn't do it. I gave it a chance and subscribed to her emails. Within the free emails, I gained some valuable information that helped me train up from home. I didn't realise that not only was I subscribing to an education platform with all the tools and training to show me the ropes in a step by step way, but I was also joining a massive community of supportive online entrepreneurs doing the same as me. 

I didn't have a clue how to build my own websites before or understand how to carry out marketing to an advanced level. If I had done any other course I might not have got the support, training and encouragement I gained with this special community and I would probably be in the same boat now as I was 12 months ago. At first I didn't take part in any of the webinars but just watched as a spectator. After a couple of months I plucked up the courage to take a proactive role to get involved and really enjoy the experience. True to my word, I began to become successful and build up my own online businesses from scratch. The course gave me the confidence to get out of my shell and really acknowledge my true values. Get it here.

On top of that I found that I was able to do all the things I loved and work when it suited me. I still dabble in a bit teaching because I think that I can have the best of both worlds and no longer feel unfullfilled in teaching. If anything, it has enhanced my teaching skills and my ability to cope with the stresses of everyday life. I no longer worry about not having the time to be able to do the things that matter to me. Instead I wake up everyday and bounce out of bed, ready to race around with a renewed sense of energy. I stuck to my new years resolution all year like I've never done before. If you dream of a new years resolution you actually feel supported enough to keep, instead of a superficial short one you could give it a go. Now I just want to help people realise that there is this education platform out there that will change in your life for the better. My intention is to live the best version of myself everyday, and build an income to support my family without having to sacrifice my time with my family. This year my New Years resolution will be to refine my skills further and build another online business and enjoy life more! Subscribe today to the video series

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