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Hello everyone, today is a great day as it is my birthday :-) I have made it this far in life without too many scars so to celebrate I have eaten jam donuts!!! Unfortunately, I had to go to work but we had some laughs and my colleague and friend kindly bought me lunch at the local farm shop.

I was up again at 6am and I just did my stretching again as the lump on my Achilles tendon seems to be getting bigger and is quite visible now which is not so reassuring and quite frankly I really, really, really, miss my running.  It has been almost 4 years now so I am on the hunt for some proper help with it as it is quite stubborn.

I have felt really lucky and grateful today for my cards and presents but most of all for the kind lovely people I have in my life. 

I have a friend coming over in a minute to catch up with and then I am going to cook myself an amazing dinner and write some more blog posts for you as I am out tomorrow night, with family on Saturday and I am going to the South West Four festival in London on Sunday and won’t be back until Monday.  Lots of preparation to do, plus I have neglected to feed my mind the last week or so and need to catch up.

Phew I have work myself out thinking about it all.

Have a good evening everyone and I will share some pictures over the next few days on my Instagram account channel_freedom and the link is here.

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