Can you find happiness in a box?

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Can you find happiness in a box? Is happiness found in something simple as a present? Here we look at how we can we increase our levels of satisfaction in all areas of our lives.

Is happiness really in all in our head?

Happiness is a biochemical byproduct, a sensory and emotional state, when one or more of our needs have been met in some way. A thought, an event or a positive experience can put us in a state of being happy. It is questionable if it can be measured in as a quantity. Many psychologists have used the 1-10 scale of happiness. The left side of the frontal lobe, known as the left prefrontal cortex, is more active when people feel happy. In contrast the right side of the frontal lobe, the right prefrontal cortex, is more active when people feel sad. Happiness is also assossiated with neurotransmitters- Serotonin is sometimes called a “feel-good” chemical because it brings positive feelings of well-being. Norepinephrine is related to alertness and energy. So it's all about finding the correct stimuli to trigger those neurotransmitters, that create feelings of happiness and maintain it over long periods of time. Content people are seamlessly happy with what they have. Those who are content are less disappointed by life's drawbacks and feel lucky to have what is in their lives already.
People strive to feel any form of happiness. It can come with a focus of gratitude on what you have, as well as a feeling that you have climbed high and deserve to enjoy the rewards that come with your effort.Those who feel gratitude on a regular basis tend to be happier and healthier than those who are less prone to negative feelings.

Do you enjoy a happy life?

By evaluating various aspects of your life, from the things that make you happy and unhappy to what you have achieved and are grateful for in life, you become much more aware of yourself and your needs. It also makes you more aware of what it’s important for you to do every day, every week, and so on. For me, it worked best to take about five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening to plan and reflect on my day. The key is that, no matter how good or bad a day you had, you find at least one little victory to write down, even if it’s something tiny. It can be pretty tricky at first, but it does help to shift that 'less than desirable frame of mind' you might have at the end of hard day.

There are four specific key needs that make us the happiest. These include:

Our physical needs- our house, job, car, clothes, food, finance, rest, time.

Our social interactions- a need to be part of a social group, our close friends, relationships, family and loved ones. Within this we need to be accepted, respected and treated in a dignified manner by others.

Our spiritual values including the need to be true to our moral. religious and cultural backgrounds. 

The need to accept ourselves, and our limitations based on our prior decisions, from what we have been able to achieve in the past. Quite possibly accepting our past failures as learning experiences that have helped us to grow and expand, rather than set-backs and regrets.

Are you an optimist?

An optimistic person believes that this is the best of all possible worlds and that good must ultimately ultimately prevail. They tend to be hopeful and confident about the future or the success of something. If you are an optimist, you can learn to see and appreciate positive events that occurred in your life, because of something you did or as a sign of more good things to come. You see positive events as evidence that more good things will happen in all areas of your life.

 Feelings of pride in your accomplishments also be a great form of happiness. If you take pride in your work and your family, you can cultivate a healthy sense of pride by including personal accomplishments. If you can achieve a goal in small steps and keep an account of each step, this can give you a future trend to work on.

Are you just dreaming of that opportunity to have all aspects of your needs met? Perhaps you haven't found them yet. If you are an natural optimist then you will realise why you are reading this precise message. You are lucky and it wasn't just by chance. You are searching for that certain something. I was just like you about a year ago. I was looking for those words that would inspire me enough to give me that lightbulb moment. I kept asking myself what it was that I was happy doing and which areas of my life I could realistically change, so that I could experience more happiness. Was it positive self-talk? Should I be challenging myself more? 

Happiness in a box.

Then it as if by chance I stumbled across it. There needs to be variety in life. Too much routine can be bad for you. You begin to feel like you are programmed to behave in a certain way and fulfill your roles in each scenario. Yet we are supposed to have free will. We don'thave to be tied down to our responsibilities. We can change them at anytime we choose. All it means is some advanced planning and preparation, to walk into our new muse. The trick is to identify what is simply not serving you right now. Is it your job, your career, your finances or your lack of time? What is it you exactly want to change? Be prepared to be completely honest with yourself. Is it one or two aspects of your life or have you got a long list?

If I was to tell you that I have an opportunity of a lifetime under my sleeve, you might want to take seriously, might you think I was joking?

But seriously you can create a lifestyle you enjoy so much that all your above needs could be easily met. This would not happen automatically of course- you would have to put some work into it. You could imagine your life, full of the best possible outcomes but without action, it would remain as such- a dream. Still this would be a start. Your thoughts are so powerful and you have the ability to transfer this 'energy of imagination' into a reality. If you were to visit my website or there is no obvious sign of meeting all of your four specific needs. All you can see is an opportunity to train up to an online business. What I haven't made obvious is what you do find is when you read between the lines. 

Our physical needs- Starting an online business gives you time freedom because you can work from wherever and whenever you want. You can enjoy your spare time and be your own boss. That means no accountability to anyone else but yourself. Making profits online that are unlimited would give you an uncapped income potential. When you go to work and are paid by a boss, you may be paid by what the company thinks you are worth. Yet our efforts are worth more and so is our time. It is a matter of shifting our prospective of ourselves. Feeling valued and getting job satisfaction is a big factor in our perception of our self worth. Secondly, our social interactions are limited by the people we interact with, the office politics and the dynamics of the company. What I didn't mention is the chance to socialise with a vast supportive community of like minded enterpreneurs, from all walks of life. Some are already successful and are mentoring, coaching and teaching others to reach the same stage. Others bring their life experiences and like us, have only just begun their

journeys. If I was to tell you that the support, encouragement and advice given to in this community is outstanding, you would have to give it a real chance. These people are very honest, authentic and spiritually minded, always selflessly giving to others to spread happiness in the world, you may have to change your opinion about the selfishness in the world. They teach you mindfulness, meditation and spread joy to everyone around. They encourage you to express yourself, with all your past experiences and imperfections and self reflections to find peace with your past, would you give it a go? 

This is all true of course and never before have I seen personal growth happen for so many people in such a short span of time. The support system is outstanding and you are stretched out of your comfort zone into a state of self improvement. There are of course live events, webinars, one to one coaching and meet ups. You feel like you are meeting old friends, many of which you connect with immediately. All boxes ticked for me- it is happiness in a package.  Subscribe here and join up with an established community that gives you more than just an online business package with tools and an online education. It changes your whole outlook on your future. Do you want to change your life?

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