Challenges of Living your Passion

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Becoming an Expert at anything takes a lot of commitment and hard work.

Our granddaughter has that work ethic and focus instilled in her, she absolutely LOVES dancing. When she is not performing at a competition she spends hours at the dance studio or is practicing around the house.

She also spends a lot of time watching videos of other dancers to improve the choreography of her dances. The willingness to learn & make necessary changes is key to becoming an expert. We live in a changing world.

All of this work and commitment has paid off for her, in her last competition at Lake Tahoe, she won 1st place in the National Championships. We are so proud of the work ethic instilled in her at such an early age. 

Becoming an expert at anything takes time. Most (so-called) " overnight millionaires" took years to get there. Having a family support system helps a lot as you may have some dumpy days.

Learning to shake it off, is an expression we sometimes use when things do go wrong. Having a positive mental attitude & a happy disposition are qualities coaches love to work with.

The video below shows her winning dance number that she worked so hard at for months and months.

With commitment and a good work ethic, a person can accomplish what they really want, and create their own best life. We know most of us aren't aspiring to be dancers. We'd all love to live our best life.

 Becoming an expert at creating your ideal life takes commitment education & dedication. Each person's ideal life is different as we are unique human beings.

When your dreams & goals become a passion, your dreams & goals are achieved gracefully. It doesn't seem like work, it becomes a habit. In the business or career of your passion, it takes the same kind of commitment and dedication to learn the educational skills needed to accomplish success.

Life is exciting when you find your passion, and you find an educational system, a support system and a community of people all striving to make each day better than the day before.

Check out the educational path we followed to get you on your journey to your best life.