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A life to be proud of

Do you have the life you want today? Do you have time just for you? Are your dominated emotions mostly for your benefit? Do you wake up every morning eager to face the day? Do you mostly feel good throughout a week? How often do you stop and think and pond upon your life?

I dare to say that you are not able to make any changes in your life if you do not see them! We mostly just wake up and like robots, we do what we are supposed to do and what is expected of us. Few actually stop and look at our lives in order to make a change.

If you are here reading this blog, I think it was meant to be! You read this because you want to make your life better but maybe you don´t know where to start.One of the reasons that people put up to make changes in their lives is because they think that it has to be hard, cost money and require a lot of time. 

But to make a change you really need to know WHY you want to make the change. What outcome would you like to have? 

The outcome defines the action.

3 quick ways to start to change your lifestyle:

Make sure to have a notebook to write in. Making your thoughts visible makes it easier to get started and makes it more real. I don´t have a notebook. Instead, I write in  Onenote which is a program easy assessable on any device. It is like a digital notebook and I never have to worry about forgetting my book. The other day, I was out walking and was listening to a coaching program. It wanted me to write down something before continuing listening and I could quickly access my Onenote on my phone and type what was on my mind. I highly recommend it.

  1. Start by thinking about WHY you want to make a change. What outcome would you like to have? If you make a change, how will you notice it? Write down in your notebook how YOU will notice a change. Does a change of lifestyle mean that you want more time by yourself and you have children and no partner? That would be a huge change in your lifestyle, right? Will the outcome be that you have more patience and a chance to think one thought through without being disturbed then you know what you are thriving for. Or more energy, a better sleep quality, stronger body, a new job.You GOT to know WHY you do the change. So start listing your why´s!!
  2. You can´t change what you can´t see and your emotions are your GPS. So in your notebook or maybe on your Onenote :) I want you to start by writing down all the emotions that you frequently have during a week. One list containing all the "positive" emotions and one list will contain all the "negative" emotions. Take a look at them. Can you tell how you feel most of the week? Are there any emotions that you feel every day? They are the emotions you want to take a look at.
  3. Now, there is only ONE thing I want you to do in order to make a change in your life: Give yourself One Hour a day. One Power Hour of the day. Just like the famous motivation speaker, Tony Robbins would say. If you give yourself one hour a day all by yourself and use that hour wisely, you will start to feel a major change in your life.

Take an extra long walk by yourself or with the dog, close the computer or the TV once the children are asleep, get up earlier in the morning and get yourself moving, or eat your breakfast all by yourself. Use the hour to change how you think. Your emotions will tell you the quality of your life and if you have one hour all by yourself you can start by defining what thoughts you want to have during the day. How do you want to feel? Gratitude is a very important ingredient for success. By starting to be grateful for what you have, you will soon notice that you have a lot to be grateful for and soon you will find yourself looking for things to be grateful for during the day. 

Remember, all changes start with a thought but in order to make the change, you also need the action. In order for you to take action, the Power Hour will give you time to make up a strategy to move to the next step. 

Is one hour too much? Do 30 minutes! Are 30 minutes too much too? Then do 15 minutes. The 15 minutes will soon stretch to 30 and before you know it, you will get to One Hour of Power.

Do you want to have more tips on how to change your life or one part of your life?

Let me know and I will share some more :)

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