Consistent Motivation

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Hi All!

Why do we sometimes feel more motivated on one day and a few days later we feel stagnant in our journey?

Excited and pumped up, then all of a sudden not interested?

Quick tips for this:

Change your company.

The people who you hang out with will determine your levels of motivation. Imagine having a partner, family member or friends who don't have your levels of motivation? They will ultimatley keep you stagnant by their choice of words, beliefs and actions. Inversley, choosing a circle of people around you that has the same ideaologies and goals, will keep you driven all the time, everyday not just once a while. To complete your goals, you need to stay consistently motivated so choose the right company to achieve this.

Increase your Self Expectations

If you have small dreams and goals, they will tarnish your motivation levels. Think bigger, try something harder, commit to it and most importantly set a deadline to expect yourself to finish your projects. If we have low expectancy on yourselves, then we believe very little in ourselves as well. Your self-belief will encourage your self expectations to achieve more, and this will keep you consistently motivated.


Ahhh. What are we then without ambition? I meet people who live a life without any future goals. That's not living for me. Be ambitious to start a new business, to change your career if you are unhappy with the current one, or to work on financial freedom. With this ambition, you will keep reminding yourself of the end goal. And then what? Then you will keep momentum in staying motivated!

To your health, wealth and happiness!

Nirdosh Maharaj

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