Create "Calls-to-Action" Which Help Convert Visitors to Leads - Part 1

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Friends, creating simple and high-impact "Calls to Action" in your online marketing properties and materials is yet another critical success factor for Internet marketers. You may have the best lead magnets, email list builder, auto-responder and sales funnel, yet without the right "CTA" you are likely to have a low "Visitor to Lead" conversion rate ("lead" defined here as someone who chooses to "Opt-In" to your email list or access a free offer). We all want higher conversion rates. So what are they basic elements of a great CTA? We suggest using one or more elements in each CTA: Urgency (e.g. a limited time offer), Color, Location (on your page), Size, Wording, Scarcity (e.g. only a few free copies left) and Contrast (with the rest of your page). Moreover, it is fine to 'discretely' include mutiple CTAs in different locations on your web site, vidoes or marketing materials. So if you want to begin building or expanding your online business today why not register for our Free Trial simply by clicking here? See you soon. Lawrence, Internet Digital Entrepreneur

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