Creating spring energy within

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After a long harsh winter, spring is a time for renewal. For you, it may mean cleaning out your car, tuning up your bike and breaking out the summer shorts. But what is going on inside your body?

If you've ever watched a dog or cat in the spring you'll remember them eating fresh, spring grass only to throw it up later. Amimals have an innate drive to detox their bodies and we should be doing the same.

Where to start? You don't need to rush off and buy a bunch of products. Here are some easy steps to a gentle detox that will allow your body to do what it wants to do.

1. When rising in the morning, drink warm water with the juice of one lemon. Allow as much time as possible before consuming breakfast. This will stimulate bile, which is needed for digestion and stimulate the liver.

2. Throughout the day, make your drink of choice room temperture water. It's imperative you stay hydrated to eliminate toxins.

3. Add 1 fresh salad as a meal. The best meal for this is dinner, since this should be our lightest meal, but if this is difficult, make it lunchtime. For added detox powers add fresh garlic and make your dressing with olive oil and lemon.

4. Add bitter greens such as rappini, arugula, dandelion, or spinach to your diet. This can be cooked, or raw in a salad. 

5. Get outside for some fresh air and vitamin D. A walk after dinner will move the bowels and assist in a better sleep.

Your body will do the rest. The time you put in now will increase energy for those long summer days.

Happy detoxing!!

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