Changing your Environment

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Hello everyone,

Well I was up again at the butt crack of dawn otherwise known as 6am. 

I just did my physio exercises and some yoga this morning as I wanted to stretch out a bit and also to be honest time was tight this morning due to my faffing about on my phone!

Over the last few days I have been thinking about work and all the time I have spent there and about all the changes that have taken place over the years.  Those changes are not for the better work environment wise and I feel I have been selling myself short here and compromising my wellbeing to a certain extent due to complacency and fear.

I have been doing and continue to do a lot of mindset work and have been successful in changing habits which I feel are now starting to form new beliefs.  A belief is just a thought that we have been thinking so repetitively it changes into a belief.  But I remain in the same environment which is now so out of pace with my new mindset and way of thinking that I am at the point where it needs to be changed. 

It is not a positive, inspiring environment and despite best efforts it leaks into other areas of your life outside of working hours.  I am working on learning new skills to create a new career and it is taking far longer than I anticipated.  Now I am not getting impatient but I am at the point where I need to take a different step forwards and although it might not seem logical to my plans for self-employment with time and financial freedom I FEEL it is the right change to make to get me there.

So, I am going to change my working environment to one that is more positive, appreciative and inspiring which I feel will boost all areas of my life and get me out of the complacency I have been in for the last 10 years.

I will move forwards with this new aim and will be reviewing lots of opportunities for a new work environment.  My aim is to start the new year with a new role in a new place.  I need an adventure and this is the first one of many to come.

I guess my message here is that only you know what is right and when it is right and it does not have to be justified to others.  More often than not it is never logical it is a feeling that you get, you know in your gut and that is your instinct guiding you.   All this work I have been doing on self-improvement is to lead me to more clarity in my instincts and to build the courage to follow them and trust in them.  If you take a look at who you follow on social media or people you greatly admire I am willing to bet they have taken action on their instincts and taken that leap and trusted it will all work out.

Your instinct is your very own super power, it needs to be uncovered, felt and trusted.

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