Every Destiny Needs an Origin

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I am now on my second month writing articles on my website.

From time to time, I edit my pages. I edit my posts. I try to improve on content that I believe needs to be revised. But there is one particular post that I have always resisted editing, no matter how seemingly few the content of that post is.

The title of the post is “Of Earning from Home: Starting a Digital Business”. It was originally a Facebook post of mine telling my social media friends that I was about to launch my website, a move that was prompted by my desire to continue earning within the bounds of our home instead of hustling my way to the office again on a daily basis once the pandemic is over.      

Every time I visit that page, I resist the temptation to revise the content. I may edit the links, perhaps the grammar, but never the message itself. Why? It is because I want to be kept reminded of my humble beginnings.

If being digital is what I consider a journey, I must always look back at how I started for me to reach my destiny. How long would it take me to reach my dreams? I do not know. But one thing is certain: constantly looking back at how I started will be crucial in reaching those dreams.

There is an old Filipino proverb that says, “Anyone who refuses to look back at his origin will never reach his destination”.

Every destiny is in need of an origin.

All of us have life goals. But in order for us to reach those goals, we must always look back at our humble beginnings. It is necessary to look back at where we started so that we would always be reminded of the mission why we embarked on whatever journey it is that we have decided to engage in.

How many people have we seen who seemingly reached the peak of success only to go back from where they started. Or they even ended up worse than when they were just starting. Why? Many fail to remember their mission by forgetting about their beginnings. They get drunk with interim success to the point that they fail to reach their ultimate goal, the goal that will give them a lasting kind of happiness that they have always longed for.

Looking back at our origins not only keeps us reminded of our mission but also keeps us humble. It opens up an avenue in us to empathize with those who themselves want to make a start and take a path similar to that which we have taken. 

A person who has his eyes on his destiny but discards his origins is bound to fail. But a person who is rooted in his humble beginnings will never be drowned by the small successes he encounters in his journey. He will continue to persevere until that day when he can say that destiny is finally here.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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