Everything Is Possible

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A crossroad.

         A crossroad on the path of life.

I'd been there. Standing in the middle, thinking which way to go. First, I tried the left turn, later the right. Still, I did not feel it was the right move, I'd been looking for. Maybe straight on? How to figure out?

I asked myself a question:

What have I been trying to find so desperately? Why am I not happy? This is the moment when I have it all, all I was always working for!

Don't take me wrong. I'm one of the happiest human beings, I know. Easily excited about little things brought to me by life. Beaming like a kid being given a new toy most of the time. However, something that I couldn't identify was still missing in my life.

I am a coach. I have my own business, my clients. I have no boss. I prepare my own schedule. I decide which day is going to be my day off and when I take my holiday.

Sounds like I’m living a life of my dreams. I was always imagining how it would be, how it would feel when I have it all. Now, I own it. All I was working hard for. I’m a freelancer. A fitness professional helping people with their deeds, from as typical as losing the weight to as specific as activating the sleeping muscle to fix the imbalances, leading to the correction of postures and pain relief.

Yes, I have studied and practised a lot. I have invested into my education, my self-development. I was following my passion of exercising, especially when I was told by doctors that my joints are as dysfunctional as the joints of an 80-year-old man.

At the age of 18 and 19 after the surgery of both of my hips, I became fascinated by the science of the human body. How it works, how it moves, how it can heal if you achieve a state of homoeostasis. Not mentioning how I missed exercise. Not being allowed to play ice-hockey, to ski, to do all I did whole my life before the surgery. I believed there must be a way and I was determined to find it!

I achieved it all - Pilates, yoga, functional fitness, diet and nutrition, gymnastics, skiing. I became qualified, aware and awake.

For seven years, I played ice-hockey in premier league again. Now, I’m addicted to cross fit. In winter I go skiing, off pistes are my favourite. And not to forget gymnastics, this one, I started practising myself, too. I picked up from scratch. Now, I can do handstands and handstand walks, front somersaults and front handsprings and my most advanced move so far is a tumble of round off flick.

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I am the best friend with my body. And I’ve been spreading my passion around. I love assisting people to overcome their personal issues. I am excited to see the results, achievements and happy faces of my clients, both adults and kids. Many of them are with me for years. We are more than a trainer and a trainee. We have a special connection. I know how much to push them, what works for one or another. In the return, I have their trust and they follow me.

One would think I’ve fulfilled my role in this society. However, my inner voice is louder and louder. I'm up to the next challenges. Something higher, even more valuable. I have an urge to create, to open new passages, to serve at the higher level. What is this inner voice trying to tell me? Who is it calling? Or maybe, I’ve finally turned into an adult.

Following this voice, I found a new meaning of life. I discovered how to approach more people and how to share at higher-level. Are you asking how? Believe it or not, I’m a student again. And I truly love it! I realised we are the students all life long. We are the students of life. It's human nature to pursue self-development.

What is it, this next level? A completely new world to me, a digital one. If you found yourself in my story, click on this link. It might show you the answer to your inner call. And of course, you are welcome to follow me, I'll be glad to share more with you, my story of becoming a digital entrepreneur. 

With love