Extra Income Streams Online for Seniors – a Beginner's Guide

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Beginner's guide of extra income streams online for Seniors

Extra income streams online for seniors it's a "phenomenon" nobody talked about just a few years ago. People should have considered the growing group of senior citizens regarding digital development. But the senior behavior has been a bit different, and we seniors are more active than ever on the Internet.

The earlier big gap between younger adults and seniors regarding Internet activities has narrowed considerably in the last decade. The growing movement among senior citizens is a fact to consider seriously. Add to this that people live longer, making this group an important niche in the digital environment.

Today 45% of seniors are active on social media compared to only 16% ten years ago. 61% of seniors own a smartphone compared to 11% twelve years ago. Tablet computers follow the same trend, and 44% own one compared to 4% in 2010.

Much more can be added to these figures, but let this short introduction be proof, or at least a "taster," that grown-up adults are more active in the digital environment than many think.

The grey zone

Since my last article on the same topic, the crucial and growing grey zone for most seniors will get its own “chapter” in this article: The digital environment!

The next step to understanding the scope of seniors in the new digital world is to know what concerns grown-up adults the most.

After a long active life, as senior citizens, we hope that life will become easier. The upcoming retirement is something many look forward to as a period of relaxation. However, getting older also brings certain worries or at least concerns to the table.

Who am I to talk about all this?

Well, I'm one of them because I passed 70. Instead of copying all the available surveys, I will boil them down to my own list. When checking with other people in my age group, we all agree on the same list. The priorities can vary, depending on each person's situation, but the following five issues are always on the list...Interested to read more?>>


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