Fear, Belief, and Motivation

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A Shining Example

Fear, Belief, and Motivation

Recently, we had a solar eclipse that was covered widely in the news and social media. Some people even traveled long distances and even bought special glasses to see this phenomenon.  For me, I thought traveling and buying glasses were unnecessary. So I just stood and looked at the sky during the time of the eclipse expecting to see the sky get darker. To my disappointment and from my location this did not happen.  I had to think back to my casual reading I did on astronomy a couple years back and remembered that it takes multiple earths to fill up the Sun, 1.3 million to be exact.   If it takes that many earths to fill the Sun, no wonder a moon that is smaller than the earth cannot dimish the light of the Sun.  Someone once told me that, "If your why is big enough, then your how will not matter."  If your why is "your Sun," then whatever tries to block it's light will fail.  

Two Steps to Overcoming Fear-"Limiting Belief" and Motivation

Fear, Belief, and Motivation

So let's talk about fear and steps to overcome it.  If you have an irrational fear like being obsessed with failure, rejection from others, or anything else that holds you back from success, you can focus on two main things.  First, facing and letting go of the past. Second, what motivates you or what you care about the most.  

The first step is facing and letting go of your past.  Many of us have what I call "limiting belief systems" that govern and affect our behaviors at a subconscious level and this also includes our irrational fears.  They could come from experiences in our past, negative words spoken to us, or our own personal failures to name a few. When we acknowledge, feel, experience, and let go of these limiting belief systems we can be free to experience life from a new and healthier point of view.  

The second step is to ask yourself, "What are some reasons that would motivate me to face this fear of mine?"  The "bigger your reasons," the easier the task will be to face these irrational fears of yours.  Thinking back many times when I have looked over some of my past work supervisors' desks I've seen pictures of family members like a spouse or kids for example.  This was their why...this was their Sun.  The saying goes, "where your treasure is so is your heart."

Personal Application

So how has your past affected your behavior in relation to fear?  So who or what do you care about that would motivate you to face your fears?  Can you visualize them cheering you on as you overcome the fears that hold you back from living a successful life?  Remember that if you why is big enough the how will not matter.  So I encourage you to let go of your limiting beliefs that keep you afraid and find your present motivation.

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