Four Goal Setting Strategies

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Many people struggle with a work-life balance because they don’t set any goals that they can work towards or track their progress to. Without goals, it is easy to drift and spend far too much time at work rather than work a reasonable 9-to-5 schedule because you literally don’t know what to do next.

Without goals, you can’t set priorities. Without priorities, you can’t determine what are the most important things to accomplish on your to-do list. You lurch from one deadline to the next, and get more and more stressed and exhausted in the process.

The Advantages of Setting Goals

Goals give you focus and direction. They also offer a vision of success. You can decide what actions to take to achieve your goal, and measure your results as you advance towards it.

Goal Setting Strategies

There are a number of tried-and-tested goal setting strategies that can help you formulate goals, track them, and accomplish them. Let’s look at four of the most effective.

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