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The Stuck In A Rut Story - Patrik Hillerhag - Part 7 of 30 - Getting Out The Hole

Patrik was challenged to 'stay in action' building his home business and lacked motivation and became stuck in a rut. He took on a challenge from me to write 30 blog posts on the topic to help motivate him and get to the root of why he was like this. He found that by going back over his story and sharing it, it helped him realise where he was in life and what was needed to not let his past define his future.

In sharing this article... it is hoped that you take value from the share and can resonate with it from your own journey.

He is now working as a freelance life coach and has made significant steps forward in his new found career. All the best Patrik!

Part 7 ... Getting Out The Hole I Am Currently In...


I can remember waking up feeling pretty productive, but somewhere after breakfast, it was as if the motivation was out the window.

I fell back into lazy-mode or whatever you want to call it. I’m not proud of it, but when I get started, I can watch one youtube-video after another.

All the sudden learning about a small island in the middle of the ocean that belongs to England where only 50 people live becomes very interesting and consuming.

Or going down the rabbit hole of Formula 1 history, who won that race in Japan back in 1999?

I know it’s wrong, but I’m still waiting to feel inspired. I know it’s completely wrong, I know for a fact that inspiration might never just come to me, that I have to start doing something, anything, for it to come. And while I sometimes fall down more or less useless youtube-videos, I also watch a lot of personal development.

I think I know intellectually all of it, but I’m still not doing most of it. That has to change. Because just watching videos about how to become successful or get out of a rut, is not going to get me out of the rut. It might just keep me there, if running into personal development videos is my escape from doing what I know I should do, then that’s just ironic.

I'm Down Rabbit Holes And Un-Productive

After spending a lot of time watching youtube-videos I finally started to feel how unproductive and kinda pathetic it had become. I was lying on my sofa feeling sorry for myself.

Then I stumbled upon a youtube-video with a guy who talked about how he quit sugar for 30 days. I got inspired. Because I’m also trying to avoid sugar as much as possible, because I don’t want to be on an emotional roller coaster, and I also get migraine headaches from eating too much sugar.


Then I remembered that a couple of years back I had decided to clean up my diet and eat healthier. I had a flashback to that summer, where I was exercising daily and drinking at least a smoothie with fresh fruits and vegetables every day. And I thought to myself, maybe that would give me more energy. Of course it would. That’s what I need to start doing.

So I now had a mission, to get myself out of the sofa and walk to the store to buy a mixer and then buy fruits and vegetables. I felt good about myself, sure this cost me a little bit of money I wasn’t expecting to spend, but I knew it was the right thing to do. I know that if I can implement a healthier diet I will feel a lot better and have much more energy.

I also know that it can be hard to start eating clean because the body will probably take a couple of days where it’s not gonna feel so good because it has to clear out all the bad stuff from the body.

It’s really easy to slip back into old habits during that period, having headaches and feeling extra down, eating a chocolate bar or some other snacks can be very tempting. But I started to feel very determined to start doing this healthy thing again. I committed to one smoothie a day, to get down the vegetables and fruits. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t care about the taste of the smoothie, as long as I know it’s healthy.


I remember listening to a podcast with Bob Proctor. I haven’t listened to his stuff in a year or so, except his meditation. I don’t know why I stopped listening to him, because he has a lot of very good material. Perhaps I got sick of this whole “just imagine it and it will come to you” thing. But that’s not at all what he’s about.

Bob Proctor Manifestation Video

Imagination is a crucial part because everything we do starts in our head. But then we have to go out there and do it. It’s not just going to come to us.

But, I also started thinking, why not imagine the best results?

It’s like I’ve been programmed to be moderate in my wishes, and just hope for things to be okay.

What would happen if I actually started wishing and imagining the outcome I actually wanted? It’s scary in a way. But why?

It’s like I don’t want to get my hopes up and then be disappointed if it doesn't happen. But hey, at this point right now I really got nothing to lose. I have no money in my bank account and I can’t go back in time.


So the only way is forward. And feeling sorry for myself and wishing that things were different or that would’ve made different choices five months ago so that did not end up where I am today - is not going to help at all, anyways.

I took small actions to move forwards. I started to make my bed every morning. Then I started to do the dishes after every meal and make sure that the kitchen is clean every night before I go to bed. That’s a matter of self respect.

At the worst times in my life, I used to believe that it was okay to have a complete mess at home, to never clean and leave the dishes, as long as it was only me who was going to live in it. Perhaps that came as a result of my mother nagging on me to do the dishes when I was young and I refused to do it, because she never asked nicely, it was either tyrannically or with an underlying threat. “Do the dishes or else...”.

The not so funny thing was that I started to do the same to myself. I was either forcing myself to do something without caring at all how I felt about it, or I was threatening myself with punishment if I didn’t. That’s not a good way to live. Today, I’m trying to negotiate with myself. And take things very slowly.

Bob Proctor also talked about the “terror barrier”, which is the fear barrier that comes up when we are doing to do something that is scary because it’s new and unfamiliar.

Bob Proctor - The Terror Barrier

And how we need to break through it in order to grow. I agree with that a hundred percent. I’ve experienced that first hand many times in my life, where I was so nervous or scared to so something that I could barely stand up or speak. And also how great it felt after I had done that scary task.

I need to get back into that mode. Slowly. One day at a time. The interviewer on this podcast, Lewis Howes, who I also love listening to, talks a lot about setting up good habits. And of course, he’s not the only one talking about that. I believe every self help person I’ve ever listened to talks about the implementation of great daily habits. And it makes sense. If you do something that’s good every day over a long period of time, that must mean that something good comes out of it. It’s so simple that it’s almost laughable, right? Yet, it is so hard to follow.

I know that I’ve overwhelmed myself in the past by trying to implement too many things at the time, too soon. Not making that mistake again. One thing at a time.

I have spoken to my coaches in the past about perfectionism and how I need to let go of it. It’s like I’m holding myself back to start creating stuff when I’ve become good enough. But how the heck am I ever going to become good enough to start become good if I never start doing the thing I want to get good at!

That sentence is as confusing as my way of thinking sometimes. Let’s keep it simple and start slowly.

It’s always better to do something that’s gonna take you forward, than to do nothing. I feel better after every time I write and I can feel the inspiration coming back again.

Come back soon as Patrick continues his Gratification Story Part 8...

You're more than welcome to join me on this journey." - Signed Patrik Hillerhag

From Mark Ford... Thank you for sharing this seventh part of your stuck in a rut story. We look forward to reading the other 23 blog posts and in addition the 15 videos that Patrik has done on motivational issues.

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I hope that those of you who read this take some value from it and that you can relate to this in some way. Please leave a comment and we can continue this conversation.

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I wish you every success in achieving your goals and knocking your ruts firmly on the head.undefined

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