Girl That Was Dying to Live

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Recently I was very touched by the story of Victoria Arlen, a girl that was dying to live.

Victoria was only 11 years old, very active and energetic little girl, into every sport really, when she contracted a rare spine disease. It paralysed her from her waist down. She spent 4 years in coma. She lost ability to speak, eat, move and function normally. She was in vegetative state and locked in. Which means knowing what is going on, but unable to communicate it. Typically, doctors had little hope for her recovery and had written her off. 

Despite it all her family stayed strong. They felt otherwise. They had FAITH and believed she would wake up and recover.


And Victoria, was dying to live. When things got really tough, living most unbearable nightmare, when no one could hear her, understand her or even believe in her, thought to herself: I have no one to talk to, to rely on, no one else can hear me and knows I am dying to live inside, but you Lord! It is just YOU and ME. So she made a pact with God, that if he gives her chance not only to live and get better but a full 100% strength back, she will use this story and this promise to change the world, to use her test and change it into the testimony. 

She was trying to find one positive thing a day to hang on to and to be grateful for, she knew this is not the end and she believed her dreams and goals are yet to be fulfilled. Her young age, her tenacity and her strong will to discover this whole interesting world that she so much wanted to be a part of, gave her faith that she would one day go on to walking, talking and much more. 

Her persistence and the persistence of her family to bring her back defeated every odds and she won. It was her and their strong desire combined with will power to win, persistently applied day by day that were bountifully rewarded and now Victoria is indeed not only talking, eating, walking or swimming, she became a professional athlete who is competing and winning in paralympics and with her incredible testimony giving so much hope to others.


Victoria is my hero. Her family are my heros. They showed how persistence is the key for success, they showed if you have faith, you can achieve anything you set yourself to achieve. The sky’s the limit. They truly believed it and their faith and persistence had never abandoned them.

Persistence is an essential factor in the procedure of transmuting desire into its physical equivalent. And Victoria and her family are a living proof.

I’ll never forget the inspiring story about a girl, that was dying to live. Her commitment and persistence to recover had paid off. Now she lives her life as it was her last day and squeezes every drop and every ounce of passion out of it.

And the most empowering message her story carries is that it’s never what happens to us in life, but what we choose to do with it that makes a difference.

I am most humbled to listen, watch and follow Victoria’s story. She touched my heart and influenced my life with her attitude so much, that her message is strongly coded into my DNA now.

Victoria is my HERO!!!

“Face it. Embrace it. Defy it. Conquer it.”

“There is life out there worth living!”

Victoria Arlen, a girl that was dying to live.


Without persistence you will be defeated.

With persistence you will win.

Persistence is the Key for Success.



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