Moving Past Feeling To Being

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Feelings are fickle and unpredictable. Sometimes they just can’t be trusted.  So, you may need to push past what you feel in one moment and rely on what you know.  What you know may be intellectual or it could be instinctual. What you know has the power to subdue the feelings that range against your confidence in your knowing. Contradictory feelings will oppose what we know when we begin to doubt that we can trust what we know. One feeling that I’ve had to struggle with for many years is fear.  It has held me back from leaving situations I needed to escape, and from embracing opportunities that I should embrace. Overall, I feared being judged, and reduced to a box of labels. So, I allowed myself to deny what I knew about myself and allowed feeling to disrupt my confidence in knowing that I was capable of deciding and taking action on all that pertained to me. If you have ever been though a situation that wounded, or nearly destroyed you it is likely that you may tread lightly, and often chose dwell in the valley of decision. It may be likely that someone had a front seat to your experience and overtly have disqualified you as being capable of knowing. What is even more destructive is believing that someone else would be allowed to be an expert in your life. 
The only person who knows more than you about you is one who is all divine.
 I truly believe that what we know instinctively about ourselves is divine. You may not believe in God as I do. However, my conviction is that he writes upon each heart its’ divine purpose, vision and dreams. It is often difficult to express in mere words what is written on the heart. That’s why it is difficult for another to embrace your vision and dreams or see all that you are. “If no one gets your vision it is because God did not give it them” – Lisa Nichols.  To live a life of conviction and be true to what you know, it will often take courage to go pass feeling to being.  You will need to be who you truly are at the heart without hesitation, and beyond another’s expectation. Don’t hold back when what is written on your heart is established, and it waits to be birthed through you stepping out confidently. Embrace the courage to move past feelings to being who you are destined to be. 

Yonette Belinda

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