Three Ways to Hack the Law of Attraction

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Have you been trying this Law of Attraction thing that everyone is raving about, without much luck? Read on as I explain three ways to hack the law of attraction.

The law of attraction exists because your subconscious mind creates your reality. If you want some (mind bending) proof that acklowledges this be sure to check this article out.

The trouble is that from childhood our subconscious minds are programmed. Brainwashed to think a certain way from our parents, from school, society, work, film and television. 

Our preconceived idea of the world that we live in creates barriers and boundaries within our minds. Even if your conscious mind wants so desperately to use the power of the law of attraction, chances are there are hundreds if not thousands of barriers and beliefs ingrained in your subconscious that will stop it from working for you. 

How can we change our subconscious beliefs? Well there are some things you can do that I will list out for you below.


Meditation is something I personally believe you should have as a daily ritual regardless of law of attraction. It is amazing to destress yourself and clear your mind.

his is important for many things such as planning your life out, knowing what goals you want to achieve, the people you want to be around and relationships you want to have.

Most people live every day to just get through the day, glued to their phones, mindlessly carrying out tasks at work not ever enjoying the present moment.

It is so important to take some time (roughly 30-45 minutes) a day to clear your mind and reset yourself. Stop the autonomous mindless actions and become present in the moment.

It is also in this time when your mind is clear that you can change or adjust your core beliefs. When you're fully meditated you should recite affirmations in your mind. Affirmations that you plan out beforehand, or think of on the spot.

For a great tutorial on how to do this watch this video.

This method should be used every day. Changing your subconscious thought is not a quick task, you're against your lifetime in years of subconscious programming and conditioning.

Even when using the other methods I mention in this article, you should always meditate on a daily basis and recite your affirmations to yourself.

Subliminal Affirmations

Think of this as looking at the options of taking the red pill or the blue pill. Subliminal affirmations aren't quite the same as taking the red pill, it's somewhere in between the blue and red. Just wait until we get to the last method if you want that delicious looking Red pill.

With subliminals you can visibly and notably change your life in subtle ways over time. Subtle changes slowly add up however and after months and years, you may find yourself leaps and bounds ahead of where you would have been in a totally different reality.

Your subconscious mind has incredible and unforeseeable power. Amazing things like the placebo effect are a direct result of your subconscious believing and knowing that you will receive a certain outcome.

Scientists still don't understand what the placebo effect really is, this is because they are limited to their fundamental physical reality in which nothing can exist without science or scientific explanation.

The placebo effect is proof that your subconscious mind has rediculous power. Curing your sickness with a sugar pill?

Think very deeply on this. Taking nothing but a sugar pill can cure your sickness. Your body heals itself when it thinks it is taking a cure. Doesn't this mean that if you could control that, you don't need the sugar pill? You can cure yourself from anything whenever you want?

Have you ever heard of a ghost pregnancy? No it isn't a ghost woman getting pregnant. It is a woman believing so much, deep down to her core that she is pregnant. She develop all of the signs and symptoms, even some grow the baby belly. But no baby. Crazy right?

There is so much we don't know about the subconscious and the power that we have. It is so mystical, how could the 'scientists' study it? Just how far do you think you can take your placebo effect?

This ‘Placebo effect’ can be somewhat guided and used to enhance every aspect of your life. To shift your subconscious beliefs and remove blockages you can use subliminal affirmations each day, or at night when you sleep.

Subliminal affirmations are used to bypass the barrier between the conscious and subconscious. It is a normal response for your brain to use your conscious mind to block thoughts from entering and reprogramming your subconscious, if those thoughts do not align with your current subconscious programming.

This is the reason some people may need to listen to affirmation tracks daily for extended periods to see big results. People can see results within a few days, some take up to 1 month.

It is generally known that it takes 1 month to stop bad habits and develop good ones, this is because that is how long it may take to rewire your subconscious.

There are two types of subliminal affirmations:

1: Low Volume Affirmations (What I use)

Affirmations set at a very low decibel level (I use -30Db) which are paired with audible sound or music. 

2: High frequency Affirmations

Affirmations set at a frequency too high for the average human ears to perceive. Some people however can hear this type of affirmation because some individuals can hear higher frequencies.

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Subscribe to this channel for powerful subliminal affirmations. Be sure to comment on his videos if you have requests. He is very friendly and helpful.

Gateway Experience

The literal red pill of the real world is Robert Monroe's Gateway Experience. It is a guided meditation that teaches you how to quickly and more precisely achieve deep meditation, and control the energies of the universe around you.

A Buddhist monk once told a Monroe Institute facilitator, “It has taken me twenty years to learn what you teach here in a week.”

The Gateway Experience is the rabbit hole you may be looking for. Now it might sound like I'm making money trying to sell this to you, but I'm not. They haven't got an affiliate program set up for it (I wish they did haha). No I am a customer and a user of this meditation. It is simply amazing.

Wave I teaches you how to get into a relatively deep meditative state (they call focus 10) in which your body is 100% asleep and your mind is awake. Many different people have many different reactions and experiences using the Gateway.

I haven't had enough experience with the gateway to go all the way to Astral projection just yet (yes total Out of Body Experience). Personally I see a lot of visions that flash by, different scenes playing out as if I'm watching other people live their lives. It doesn't quite feel like a dream, but something else. Something more.

Sometimes I open my eyes and see different beings in my room, similar to what may happen to someone with sleep paralysis and night terrors however there is no fear for me. 

It doesn't take long (Wave II) and you learn about 'patterning'. This is the Gateway's term that defines the changing, shaping and creating of your reality. With Wave II you will be guided into a deep meditation and taught how to create and attract things into your reality. You'll first learn how to 'pattern' 1 month intervals, which is more than enough.

You can learn more about the Gateway Experience here.

To summarise you should consider daily meditation as a necessary part of your routine and add subliminal affirmations to the mix. With these two alone you can hack the law of attraction and manifest more abundance in your life. But if you want the red pill, the cosmic boot that will send you deep into the rabbit hole then consider purchasing the Gateway Experience (Wave I and II involve manifesting) I honestly believe it is well worth it, just for the deep meditative experience alone.

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