Change you life with the entrepreneur mentality

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Are you living life to the fullest, do you feel that you are fulfilled, do you deserve what you have at the moment.


If yes then great and carry-on!! wish you good luck….however!!!


If not……what ARE you Waiting for, why have you settled for less than what you deserve and I assure you that everyone deserves to be fulfilled in his life whether it's mentally, spiritually, financially?


Have you had a fallout with your boss, realized that you spend more than what you earn, how are you going to fix this when you busy trying to fight off the negativity, depression, and the all-destructive uncertainty. What is your purpose, what fuels you to continue?


Doesn't matter how strong you are…you Will fall

Doesn't matter how smart you are…you Will fall behind

Doesn't matter conservative you are…things Will backfire

And Most certainly doesn't matter if your lucky or not……:-



To figure out your purpose and move accordingly rather than, just live your life as if your in -no mans land- (Tony Robbins) where you are just coasting with no sense of direction, and vision of the future and sure enough you will arrive at a destination, and it will be either designed or UN-designed and I sure hope you arrive at a designed destination.


Don’t worry I felt what you are feeling, I know all negative thought, spontaneous burst of anger, depression and -I kid-you-not- the unbearable pain of solitude. But I threw my old habits away and now I am as free as I could be.


You have a chance as well to live in your own term, doing what you want, writing your own paycheck and the freedom you always wanted to be near the people you love. I ask you to look for your purpose dig deep into your soul find the thing that you are meant to do



One of our great self-improvement couches (Tony Robbins) said,


“if you don’t like your body change it if you don’t like your job change it “


I do believe that this is the main solution, CHANGE!! never go back to your bad ways…..NEVER again (such a strong word)


we might say what are your bad ways?.

I believe you as a reader are the most qualified person to figure it out and then decide how will I change it.


 the first and arguably the most important thing to have is the fact that staying on your same direction is more painful than changing your future, reading the books could become very easy when you see yourself in the near future broke with no money to eat, I tell working the 100-hours week job becomes enjoyable IF you get the vision of a 65-year old YOU that is homeless….I am telling you settling for less is far painful than deciding to face the challenges and Improve yourself.


And lastly, I would like to give you some simple steps for you to have on your road to a better life.


  • You must have a purpose
  • Get curious(about life, work, money, ETC)
  • Invest in your personal development(books and Audio).
  • Face your fears
  • Establish a strong Inner-circle of close friends
  • Search for answers
  • BE GRATEFUL (trust me you have a lot.)        
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