How can you use your wisdom?

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Wisdom is not just the result of sorting out a lap-full of experience. It is also a product of learning essential ways of viewing your life and the world around you as you move forward. Here are some top ways to help you cultivate your existing wisdom to your advantage.

Let go of the past. It doesn't matter how many mistakes you’ve made in the past, or how many times you’ve failed, the here and now is what matters most.  We all know that nobody is perfect and failure is a necessary part of life. We just reflect and learn from the past, without becoming attached to it — always move forward, no matter what. Learning to let go of the past will give you the freedom to adapt to change and evolve, regardless of the obstacles you might have come across along your way.

Acquire a new set of knowledge and skills. Ask yourself which areas of knowledge you have and what value you can provide to others. Do you think you could develop these areas further ? Perhaps there is an area of knowledge that interested you but you never developed in the past. Now is the time to pursue this. Perhaps you could make a passive income from your existing skillset.To find out more click here. Knowledge can turn into wisdom only after it’s applied, otherwise it is just seems unnecessary. Some people like to boast about their knowledge but they rarely practice what they preach. If you want to find out whether something is useful or not, be sure to practice it in your day-to-day life.

Learning from your mistakes. Once you have applied your knowledge, it’s very likely that you’ll make plenty more mistakes. It is possible that society has conditioned us to believe that making mistakes is some sort of regretable occurrance we need to avoid at all costs. On the contrary, highly intelligent people have realized that making mistakes is exactly what is helping us to become better problem solvers. It shows us what is right from wrong, therefore allowing us to make better choices in life.

Being honest with yourself. This is the foundation for being honest with others. In being honest with others is about revealing yourself, and to that fully you obviously need to be able to articulate what that self is. Some people are able to get through the first step, but then hit a bigger hurdle: Even though they know what they think and believe, they can't step up and speak up. Instead, they feel unsafe, they worry about other’s reactions, and so they sugar-coat their complaints to their colleagues at work, they bite their tongues and don’t tell their partners what they are upset about, or what they want him to change. They hold back. Subscribe here for a digital training platform that helps you overcome this hurdle.The danger in doing this is that you begin to feel isolated because no one really knows you; the problems that bother you back-up over time leading to explosions or depression. The antidote is overriding your old coping style, developing the courage to step up even though your instincts tell you to step down. See to learn how to use an online education that helps you use your existing wisdom to create a passive income.

There is never a right time. We all like the idea of something but quite often lack the follow through. I would quite like the idea of joining the gym but know that after the initial month, my enthusiasm may dwindle. A primary school-aged girl may like the idea of reading multiple books that are on the bookshelf, but it is likely that she won't read them. One may quite like the idea of having a pet dog but won't be able to fully commit to it in the long run. Things always seem to get in the way. 'When I get a better job' or 'When I graduate', or 'When the kids are grown and I've retired.' These are all common statements that are probably uttered by millions of people every day. But you will always be able to rationalize why it’s not the ‘right time.’ There is no time like the present. So, the best time to do anything is now. Take that first step toward your goal. Remember that waiting will only make you older, not wiser!

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