How do you maintain your focus?

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What do you do to realign, and centre yourself? Whether it's your business or personal life, time and time again you need to look within to maintain discipline and focus.

What do you do when your'e looking for a solution, sometimes search engines might not give you the answers you need, there are times when you need to search inside yourself, look within you without any criticism or judgement. 

Meditation is a great way to recharge your mind and clarify your life, using oils when meditating is a great engine in encouraging calmness. I also find guided meditation useful, however be careful that you don't get distracted as well. For the newbies in meditation like I am, start with 10 minutes meditation, taking time out to rest your mind. There are so many aids to help you meditate

- Youtube is a great platform for meditation music, guided meditation and how to meditate

- Mobile apps 

- Meditation forums - support groups of likeminded people 

Calm mind, reaps great results, it is imperative to have a daily ritual to prepare for the day ahead. This can be 

  • meditation
  • affirmations 
  • prayer
  • exercise 

A routine that promotes serotinine and peace of mind is valuable in your personal or business journey because whether you are the parent running around, taking kids to school or the entrepreneur starting out or you're both, you have that one mind, one brain, one soul........keep it healthy and feed it with positivity.

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