How to be Great on Camera

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How to be Great on Camera

Hello everyone, Johnny B here from Decidere Tide and today we're going to talk about how you can be great on camera.

Many folks out there don't like being on camera. When they press record and the lights come on everything gets all weird and they tend to shy away from speaking into the lens.

So how do you get over that?

Well, today I just want to touch on that a bit and some other things you can do.

When I first got started, I always thought of what other people would to say but I got over that really quick.

Once I figured out that what I'm trying to do is not for myself but for others, it was a lot easier for me to lean in and continue to show up and do it every single day.

Allow me to share a quick story with you...

About five to six years ago  I went to community college and while attending, I took a communications course. I remember my teacher like it was yesterday, Mike Fleming.

He was an old school old guy - maybe mid-forties or so and he looked like Stone Cold Steve Austin (the wrestler from WWE). He was a bald headed guy with these blue eyes and looked rather intemidating.

Just like everyone else in life, maybe 90% of people - fear taking communications because they absolutely dread standing up in front of people and talking.

It really terrifies the hell out of me too...

So the first speach I did in the class I recieved an 82%. I thought I did pretty good for an intro speech and it was only like a minute and a half long. I told myself "that wasn't too bad... I think I can do better."

Now of course I had my fears but I was determined to do better and I was determined to get over myself.

So you know what I did?...  I went home and I stood in front of the mirror with my speach written out and I begin to practice it over and over again.

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Little by little, I broke it up into sections and I practiced each section over and over and over again.

Mr. Flemings was a huge on being able to deliver your speech extemporaneously. So, for me, that was the name of the game. Repetition!

So that's what I did. I would practice about 2-4 hours a day. Over time my speach got better and that's how I speach naturally started to flow without even thinking about it.

You can do this too. You can practice in front of the mirror and test out how you look and how you sound. You can use this as a safe place to knock out all the bugs and allow yourself enough wiggle room to screw up as many times as you want and no one will see you LoL.

I think that's what made it fun after a while and that's what its all about.

Whelp, that's all I wanted to share today. Just remember - practice, practice, and practice some more. You'll get better over time and you may even impress some of your peers as you'll become a smooth talker on camera and in front of a larger crowd.

Until next time

Take Care

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