How To Become A More Positive Person

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How to become a more positive person, is not easy, but boy is it worth it. During the early part of my life, I remember being depressed often. I was so depressed that my dad used to refer to me as disagreeable and grumpy.


When I decided to marry, my mood hadn't changed much. I realized I had to get help when my husband said my depressed state might have a negative effect on our children.

I decided to get counseling it helped a little but then I always managed to find myself back there again. 

I am a person who often spent money wisely and tried hard to build wealth but somehow wealth and prosperity always eluded me. The reason for this was my negative attitude. I was repelling wealth from entering my life. 'then I watched The Secret'. I watched it several times. I decided to use what I heard to see if it worked. My answer is a resounding yes!

Soon after I made the decision to take seriously that I was responsible for all the things that were now present in my life at that present moment, I really started to pay attention to my thoughts. feelings and emotions. 

It was a no brainer. I decided to become a more positive person. I smiled a lot more.


  • I stopped blaming others for my circumstances, especially my husband, this immediately improved our relationship
  • I took full responsibility for everything that showed up in my life
  • I stopped reading the newspaper and listening to the news and watching T.V.
  • I stopped judging others
  • I became more tolerant of others
  • I started to take charge of my own life
  • I started to successfully save money 

I noticed that I was attracting more positive and productive like-minded people to myself. It wasn't easy but it was sure worth it.


One of the main lessons I learned was to do the things that make me feel good. So I now make certain to include yoga, dance, and other activities into my life every day. I take more walks on the beach, more time looking at beautiful sunrises and sunsets,

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