How To Measure Your Personal Fulfilment Level

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There are many factors to consider when working out how fulfilled you are in your life right now. This is however important to understand if you want to improve your life for the better.


In order to determine how fulfilled, you are right now I have created a gauge you can use. I call it the Fulfilment Gauge. By plotting where you are right now, you can work out what you need to do to get to where you want to go.


The ultimate state is a state of personal fulfillment by living a life of purpose.


Let’s take a look at the gauge:




There are 4 zones to consider with the ultimate zone being the Flow State. Let’s look at each zone in detail to help you determine where you fit.


Happy Now No Vision


Like the name suggests, you are happy where you are in your life right now but, there is no vision for the future.


What this means is that you have not set any goals which is much like getting in your car, switching on the satellite navigation system but, not entering the address where you want to go.


You are just aimlessly driving your car in the hope you will get to your destination and, when you get there you hope it is exactly where you want to be.


You might be happy right now but, without any future goals how do you know you will be happy in the future.


You are not growing or developing yourself and without knowing exactly where you are going, it is doubtful that you are living a truly fulfilled life. What is your sense of purpose?


Not Happy No Vision


Much like the previous zone, the name is self-explanatory.


You are not happy with where you are in your life right now and you don’t have a vision backed up by a clear plan on how you are going to achieve it.


This is a zone that can lead to depression, blaming everything and everyone around you for your circumstances.


This is not a great zone to be in but, with some thought and mind control, it can be changed.




This is a zone for those who have big dreams, big ideas but are not happy in the now. This is a controversial statement but, let’s look at it a different way.


Most people believe they will be happy when they are successful but, the reality is that if you are not happy, you will not succeed.


How many people do you know who have become successful without being happy? How many people do you know work long hours, are successful but, are not happy at all?


Flow State


This is the state you want to be in for your life to be fulfilled and for you to live a life of purpose.


This ultimately means you are happy now and have a vision for the future backed up by specific plans on how you are going to get there.


This is the state where you are the most productive and most successful.


This is the state where everything just seems to fall into place. You attract the right circumstances, the right people, the right experiences and everything just seems to work perfectly.


How Is This Possible?


Consider this scenario; you have a great career, amazing family, great home and you are financially safe.


It is most often the case that those who have a successful career in the corporate world, work long hours which in turn means very little time for family and to enjoy life.


How happy do you think you would be?


This is where I was last year before my career and life-changing event forced me to take a look at where I was in my life and where I wanted to go.


This was only possible by first determining my purpose… my ‘Why’.


Once I determined that I was not living a life of purpose and therefore, not truly fulfilled, it was just a question of working out what my ‘Why’ is.


This was all made possible by the education, community, and support I received from what has now become one of the most precious assets in my entrepreneurial journey.


I had identified that my career did not fulfill me completely and I most definitely was not living a life of purpose unless working to pay the bills is a life of purpose. I think not!


My mentors and the community I have become a proud member of has not only helped me identify my purpose but, have also helped me identify my skills, develop new skills and create a Business I Love… Online!


This now ticks all the boxes. I love what I do so I am happy. I have my own business so I work on my terms. I have achieved personal and financial freedom so I am living a fulfilled life and… A Life Of Purpose!


How would it feel if you could say the same about your life right now? Well… you can!


This amazing exclusive community of successful entrepreneurs welcomes new members with open arms.


It is time to take control of your life, your future and your purpose by living a fulfilled life created through personal and financial freedom… with a Business You Love!


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