How I Said NO to Work Extra hours in my part-time job - it wasn't that easy...

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How To Say No to Extra Work Hours

Last Week I worked longer than I use to in my part-time job.

Normally I have a 26 hour week sometimes a few hours more because I want to.

So what happened?

Because of some colleges are on holiday or sick I was asked to add another working day and extra hours for each day for last week and I said yes doing so.

This meant one hour earlier waking up 4:37 in the morning (night;)

Coming back home around 4:30 - 5:00 in the afternoon

I usually get up at 5:50 and come back home at aounr 2:30 in the afternoon.

But that's okay when I say YES I mean it and went for it.

I'm always getting paid my monthly paycheck on time and enjoy working for this company most of the times, so this was more like a challange to me rather than a sort of punishment. Hey, this company helps me to load my fridge with green foods too:)

Anyways - by thursday of this little different working schedule, I was asked to continue the unusual extra work the next week as well and that the situation hasn't changed to the best ways for the company having the normal amount of workers.

how to say no to extra work hours

how to say no to work extra hours - I learned it the unpleasant way...

When I was about 22 years old I had some kind of burn-out I believe because I wasn't able to find my energy for over 8 month after a mineral treat I was able to recover (start living again).

I used to say YES to many of my friends, business partners and family most of the time and was very busy most of the times, but also undervalued some bad habits...

This brought me in another break down to finally realize my own energy resources and to truly take more care about warning body signals in order to say NO sometimes so...

The second time I was asked to work overtime I said NO and explained my situation to my boss in the most possible friendly why I can't help him out another time.

I told my boss from day one that I am also working out an online business and have my passion in creating music and arts that also sometimes pay my bills.

It was a little a bit frog swollowrish to repeat this conversation, but effective!

It's never the greatest thing on earth to not serve someones needs at all, but I had to say no, simply because I need to respect my own work as much as the work of somebody else.

My boss understood me and my home based business and passion/work for my music career and I'm able to continue working at the normal time-frame that is set for my position and loan;)

It may does or does not 100%tly matter being aware of the quality you deliver for your bosses company, but your boss will respect your wants if he or she knows how important you are for the company in the long run.

I'm working for this company for over 8 years now and do enjoy going to work there tomorrow.

I also believe if you only mess up things or don't fit in a company, you will either quit yourself fast or have will be invited to a final chat with your boss.

The company knows about my ambitions and supports me, because I try to support them in the best way I can when I'm working for them!

So I hope now you know a little bit better how to say no to extra work hours!

To summarize this , please be honest and don't be scared to tell your boss your wants, I'm sure you will find a solution that will satisfy you both:)

If you too need to learn more about starting your own online business check out this free online business startup training that helped and helps me a lot to improve it!

I would also like to recommend you reading Mary Todd's post Fear VS. Excitement

She will give you some great ideas on how to turn fear into excitement:-)

Wishing you PEACE, Joy, LOVE in your Life!


Oliver Ohene-Dokyi

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