How to start a Laptop Life Style Business!

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What is a laptop lifestyle??

Imagine waking up every morning and checking your email inbox to find that you made enough money while you are sleeping?  And everything happened from your laptop....while you were sleeping as a result of your job on the laptop at your chosen destination.

But before you plan on living your laptop life, you need to really think about what you are about to do. Not everyone is fit for this kind of lifestyle and most people that are attracted to this has some kind of entrepreneur mind. But if you are tired of the traditional way of working and would like to be a little more in charge of your life in all areas, this might be something for you. I hope this will inspire you to make a choice. 

What is your WHY

This is the first and most important question to ask yourself. What is yours why? What made you decide to live a laptop lifestyle, to make a change and earn income online instead of the 9-5 job?

It can be hard to find the WHY but that is because we are not used to questioning the culture of working. We have never expressed the reasons behind our decision. So be nice to yourself. Let this take some time. I guess you have been thinking a lot about it, otherwise, you would not be reading this post. So....somewhere deep down in your mind, you know your why. You just need to be comfortable with the why and get rid of the feeling that you have to fight for your right to make a change. 

I know my why but I am still adjusting to the fact that I have decided to leave my 9-5 job. I am still adjusting to the fact that this is an opportunity available to me and my family. I have a passion in my heart that I want to do something different in life and that process is what is getting me to think about want I want from life. 

Even though your Why will develop as you grow into your new lifestyle, stepping into becoming a successful online entrepreneur starts with answering the question: What is your why.


Believe in your self

Living a laptop lifestyle can open a lot of doors for you and you will experience things you never thought was possible and meet people you only dreamt about. The potential is huge. The secret ingredient in actually getting your laptop lifestyle going, even when it is tough, is the faith you have in yourself. Do you believe in YOU?? Even when things are tough?

Do you believe in YOU?? Even when things are tough?

Even when things are uncomfortable when you are having doubts or frightened about the change? Overcome the fear of self-doubt is the start of developing self-belief. You will never succeed if you are doubting yourself. 

Mindset is EVERYTHING!

There are thousands of books you can read about how highly successful entrepreneurs made their fortune and the first thing they will tell you is they had a winning success mindset. 

They visualize the success! The see opportunities and go for it. Failure is not on the menu! And if they fail they will look at it as though they learned something. They failed forward!

The question is: do you believe that you can make it? 

Make a decision

Have you ever thought that you would give it a try? That you have set a date and if things don't go the way you want it, you will quit?

By doing that you have not made a decision. You are setting yourself up for a failure. Once you decide there will be a different kind of energy around you. An energy saying that you will do anything in order to achieve your goals and your dreams. Every day consist of making choices and the most important choice you make is the decision to work on your laptop lifestyle, no matter how it looks like! So before you make a decision, decide what it is that you really want and what you are going to do. 

Then go for it! 

 You have to take action

Here’s where most upcoming entrepreneurs fall short, they don’t take immediate and massive action.  When you have made the decision that you want to change your life and leave that 9 to 5 there are commitments that must be made. You will have to set goals, make daily routines and do thethings that will contribute to your winning success is key.

Usually new online business entrepreneurs will need training in setting up the online business and learn a whole new set of skills. You would think that is the toughest part but it is not! Changing your mindset to the fact that you are your own boss is a challenge. That means that you have a whole new responsibility to adjust to. You don´t get your paycheck every month. You pay yourself...or at least partly if you decided to transition into this new lifestyle while you still have your 9-5 job. You decide how many hours you devote to the business.  

Ask yourself; are you ready to take responsibility? Ready to take massive action?

 Surround yourself with likeminded people have come this far: You know your WHY, you believe in yourself and your business, you have made a choice and you have taken steps toward your new life. In your mind this has been going on for years, but your friends and family might just gotten to know your plans. Even though they want the best for you, they still are concerned. That you are being scamed, not realistic in your dreams. They want the best for you and try to convince you that a 9-5 job is much more safe. 

Even though they want the best for you, they still are concerned. That you are being scammed, not realistic in your dreams. They want the best for you and try to convince you that a 9-5 job is much safer. 

The fact of the matter is, today’s online business is very real, can be very profitable and is something many people can get started with a very low startup cost.

So a very important tasc for you, is to surround yoursed with people that are likeminded in their dreams and goals. Some might be were you are and some are already living your dreamlife. Get to know them. They will be the key to gain realistic insight in the online business world and can help you build and grow your dreams. 

When you get around other like-minded people that have similar goals, dreams and vision, your self-confidence and motivation will be lifted. This step is a vital one that should be taken seriously because if you do not associate yourself with like minds, then it could dampen your winning success!

Learning by doing. Then teach!

I am a lifetime student! I love to learn new things and Youtube is my favorite place to hang out! Once I learn something new in the self development area, my friends are not safe!!! I am so eager to let them know and in turnes out that they love when I share my new insights. 

The same thing goes for your internet business. What you learn, you will have to practise, and they you can teach. I learn, do and then teach and when I teach I learn again :) 

We all start from zero. In the beginning, I thought that I was stupid because I had a hard time getting the stuff! Then one day I realized...Drop the ego!!! 

Telling my self I am stupid will get me nowhere! SSo I decided to remind

So I decided to remind my self: Every time I found it hard to understand the process I just thought about all the new neurons I am creating in my brain. They make my smarter, faster and keeps me young in my mind!!! No matter who you are, when you are getting started in your online business, everyone starts from zero. By giving yourself permission to learn what you need to know, you open the door to having that positive mindset for success.

As you learn new skills and marketing strategies, applying what you learn until you see results becomes the turning point and sort of an acknowledgement that you really are learning and grasping the knowledge and knowhow for your online business.

Once results start rolling in, you will want to teach others by sharing how you did it and how they can do it too.  This creates a connection with your audience and potential customers or team members.  If you think your online business is going to be successful by just spamming your links to your buy pages everywhere on the internet, then you are not in this for the long haul.

This creates a connection with your audience and potential customers or team members. 

Have fun

It is always thrilling to se result in the business that you have started. It is important to have fun and really enjoy any good results you have. It does not matter if they are ever so small. Appreciation for what is small will be the path to be prepeared for the big and fun results. So don´t forget to celebrate from the beginning. Life is up and down, so is your business. Life isn´t about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain. Let your customers know how it is going for you. Invite them to join you. They will be there to celebrate with you and they will be there when you need to solve a problem. An online business can be as personal as a business were you meet customers face to face. You decide the bounderies. The more personal you are, the more they get to know and trust you!

Living a laptop lifestyle is a choice.

You choose how you make a living for yourself, your family and your finances.

I hope this post is kind of a reminder of that choice and that we have to be responsible when we decide to make a change in our lives, especially when it may not be something your friends or family fully understand in the beginning.

Enjoy the journey, understand that these steps to start a laptop lifestyle business are to give you the inspiration to get started with the life that you have dreamed of for so long.  

Let me know if these steps tought you something new!

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