How To Thrive As An Empath

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First things first, empaths are real, so if someone has told you that you are too sensitive, it might be that you are just an empath and there is NOTHING wrong about that. There are many studies about us; Jerome Kagan, Megan Gunnar, Karl Jung, and more were fascinated by us. Turns out we are amongst the 20% of the population.

In this blog, I will go through some of the characteristics we empaths or highly sensitive people have. How that works in our culture and some tips so that we can thrive and shine with our beautiful qualities.


Am I an empath? Here are 7 Characteristics:
  1. We are aware of subtleties in the environment; we can feel the energy in a room. If there is a friendly or hostile environment we will feel it immediately.
  2. Other people´s moods affect us; we go deep into peoples lives, it is as if though we connect in a much personal way.
  3. Loud noises can make us uncomfortable; that is why going out to places where there is to much noise can make us feel depleted or exhausted.
  4. The art and music can deeply move us; beauty can fill our cups. It is as if though it talked to us, that is why many empaths have artistic inclinations, are very creative or simply enjoy art enourmously.
  5. We feel nervous when we have to do lot´s of things in a little amount of time; we feel as if though we have to do it all at once, so it is good to remember to focus on one thing at a time to avoid that overwhelm.
  6. When a lot is going on around us, we can feel unpleasantly aroused; going to the mall or to an amusement park can feel like being pulled by a hurricane, depending on the sensitivity of the empath.
  7. We have a natural tendency to help others; because of this almost devotion, we feel guilty when saying "no" to someone.



There is a strong influence that culture in different places has over empaths. For example, In Japan, Sweden, and China empaths are viewed as good friends, people go to them for advice, they are the deep people who are more conscious about their existence. In school, these kids are the ones who have more friends, and people admire.

In the culture we live in, being tough is seeing as something good. We come from the conquerors and expansion has triumphed so there is very little room for sensitive people. We are being viewed normally as the weaklings, weird kids that others prefer to avoid. The trouble-makers or the tough kids are the "cool" ones.

This difference in culture has a strong impact on the self-esteem of empaths. In one culture they cope better with emotions and feel good about themselves and in the other, they tend to feel lonely and as if though they need to be cured for being the way they are.

Note that with this I am going from one extreme to the other, we are also being influenced by our family that plays a big role in our development.

I believe it is time to change that perception.

For aggressive societies to survive they need the softness of the advisors, the caring minds that help them be more conscious, a court that balances the warriors sort of speak.

We are a more thoughtful group and we act to check on their impulses, they need us as much as we need them, like a perfect Yin Yang.

Because we can not change the culture we live in, but we can change the way we respond to it and how we influence it.

How can we empaths thrive?


  1. Time: Overwhelm can be avoided when we plan our lives better; we have to manage our time. One thing at a time, we will always have things to do so let´s organize them in times that don´t abuse us.
  2. Sleep: When we are stressed, our cortisol levels are high and the way we can lower those levels of this stress hormone is through sleep. A sleeping routine is very important we can train our bodies to feel sleepy every time we go inside our room when we focus on there is sleeping. No working nor playing with our mobiles, just sleeping.
  3. Meditation: It has been proven it is helpful in many ways. Clears your mind helps you focus more, balances your emotions and much more.
  4. Food: First of all, pay attention to your water intake, it should be around 2L a day. Second, find the type of food that truly suits your body well, that can be vegan, vegetarian, meat-eater. Everybody needs different things and also different amounts of food. Go to a professional if you are not sure about this.
  5. People: surround yourself with people who will support you or are less toxic. People that will empower you and accept you with all your beautiful qualities.
  6. Help: Books, audiobooks, eBooks, videos, podcasts, family and good close friends can support you when you feel down. When life feels too overwhelming though it is important to look for a professional. Understand it is a process and you will feel better, just know that although you might not believe it that much. You are good enough, and you will always be good enough. If you need professional help, click here and you can schedule a free call with me to see how I can help you.
  7. Boundaries: practice saying no when your inner voice needs to. Empaths tend to feel guilty when they don´t help everyone but when they give out too much then they feel with no energy. So respecting your boundaries, your body and saying no, will help you a lot. It will be easier the more you practice it.

I believe highly sensitive people are a beautiful gift for this planet. In my mind, I visualize an ideal world with empaths spreading their seeds of kindness and balancing the vibration of the planet. We can start in our homes, local communities and from there we can keep growing.

As always I send love;

Jennifer Trimble


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