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A Licensed Medicare Specialist working long hours and most weekends. I find myself looking out the window of my office as I feel I am missing out. I have a hunger, a craving for something more. I know I'm not living my purpose, so I have joined up with SFM and have committed to learning and doing whatever it takes to eventually quit my job and join the digital world. Why?

I want to be secure in my future and with the digital revolution destructive impact on jobs, and with computing power doubling every two years. I feel taking my future in my own hands is the way to go.

If you are anything like me, you are tired of feeling suffocated by working long hours that make you feel like life is passing you by. Feeling you are wasting what you have been blessed with in the wrong way.

  • You want to be able to focus on what your passionate about, what excites you.
  • You are tired of settling for less than you are worth.
  • You want to create your own life path by holding the cards in your hands. 
  • You want to choose what time you wake up.
  • You want to choose how much money you make.
  • You want to choose to travel the world and bring your business with you no matter where you decide to go and still generate a paycheck for the rest of your life..
  • You want to live life based on what truly means the most to you while making a difference in this world.

SFM is bridging the gap between me being stuck and me getting to where I want to be. They have given me the tools I need to live life on my terms.

If this sounds like you, follow me on my journey or even better yet join me!

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