Why giving up hope will be the best thing you ever did

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I used to be hopeful.

I would hope that I would get a better job, find a loving relationship, drive a better car and the list goes on.

The problem is ‘hope’ is a word that screams “I have no idea what I am doing in life and I will wait for things to get better for me”. You see we live in a world where in actual fact; anything is possible for each and every one of us. We are actual creators of everything we have in our lives.

Now I know this will not please everyone. I hear you say “I did not ask for this…” or “How can you explain that…!” Everyone on this planet has a soul and their soul already knows what it wants to do. It always has. This brings me to the fact that we are all creators.

Yes, with the law of attraction, we create and draw experiences to ourselves through our vibrations.

Imagine it like a glassy lake. Everything you project out onto the lake will reflect back at you. For instance if you project hope, what will you get back? Hope. If you project worry, sadness, anger or any other negative vibration that is exactly what you are creating that will bounce back to you.

On the other hand if you are full of ease, love, happiness and feelings of joy, you will get these lovely vibrations returning to you from the quantum field.

This is where creation comes into it.

I no longer sit and wait for things to just evolve, or for things to just get better because I am ‘hopeful’.

The first house I bought was called ‘Hope Cottage’ and I thought in the beginning…what a lovely name. Now I think, with a name like that it will create problems!

I create my life, my world, my reality.

I choose not to accept this Plan B of an existence. I choose Plan A.

Plan A is living in absolute opulence. The life we all dream of, however that may apply to you.

Plan A is taking control of the reigns and creating what you desire.

Plan A is no longer playing the victim, the rescuer or the intimidator.

You need to give up hope and start creating!

-Sarah Lea

(Diamond Matrix Masters, Ruth Elisabeth, 2018)

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