Is there evilness in non physical?


Are There Not Malevolent Non-Physical Entities?

I read a book, a couple of months ago. And I loved the book. It was by a woman named Lynn Grabhorn.
"Excuse me your life is waiting". -And it was based on your teachings.

And it was just said in a very powerful way. So then I picked up her next book, which was very disturbing to me.
She talked about "the others".

And I was wondering if that is just her disturbed perception of, where if such malevolent beings exist?

Well, we begin by saying that THERE IS JUST a stream of WELL BEING.
And that that which is non-physical IS OF THAT STREAM.

We also say to you that every thought, that has EVER been thought - STILL EXISTS.
And so as the spin-off of man’s conscious mind continues, experience after experience, century after century.

There is a lot of thought data, that is there.

In your lifetime, the movie industry has added dramatically to the way man spins his thoughts around the subject.

The religions, the information that is coming from the pope. So much more information about the devil and evil than about good and god.

And so if you talk to little children who go to church, often they will tell you more about the devil, than they will about god.

It gets their attention more to worry about.
And so what we notice is, that in your environment, where contrast helps you to identify what is wanted.

Sometimes humans get a little bend on pushing against the part they don’t want. And they don’t get tuned quick enough to the new idea that is coming out of the contrast.

And so there is a lot of thought BUT all of it coming from man’s conscious mind.

People said to Esther in the beginning, Esther aren’t you afraid as you begin to receive Abraham?
And by the time she began receiving those questions, there was no fear within her AT ALL.

She had come to sense who we were. She could feel who we were.
She knew there was no sense of possession.

Because any time the phone would ring while Jerry was having a chat with us we would release her immediately.
And Esther could feel that we were in response to their request.

That we were not asserting ourselves into their experience in any way.
That they were they were asking and we were answering.

And so Esther was not in a place of fear AT ALL.
And then people would say, don’t you need to protect yourself in some way?

And as Esther heard more and more of them saying that, she began asking us about that.

And we said, it’s just like saying if I set my radio dial on 6:30, do I need to worry about getting something from all the other stations?

And the answer is, NO. When you set your tuner, the law of attraction is going to bring you THAT which is a vibrational match to the signal that you yourself are set at, you see.

And so, Lynn Grabhorn was a wonderful woman who came to many of Jerry and Esther’s gatherings.
She came to one of them one day and wanted to have lunch with them.

And she explained to them that she was going to write a book.
And that she was going to base it on what Abraham had to say.

And she also said I am not going to tell anyone where I am getting the material.
Because I think that there are people out there that are very AFRAID of this kind of thing.

And Esther and Jerry said, well anyone is free to use our material, we are not keeping it a secret.
We want people to understand that they create their own reality.

But it would be ever so nice if you would let people know where you got the information so if they want to go further with it, then they will be able to find the source of it.

And now Esther can see as she gets feedback from the second book, that this dear woman was fearful of many things prior to coming to Jerry and Esther.

And clearly, there was that, which was still active in her vibration. She was not the receiver of the material.
She was mimicker of the material.

Everything that was written in her book, she described from one of the recordings you see.
So she was reaching for that feeling of well being but she NEVER REALLY found it herself.


to be continued.......

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