Things NOT Thoughts.....It's What Society Wants

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People tend to feel awkward about what I'm going to say, but it's important. It's important because the first stage to changing anything is AWARENESS!

In the process of helping many people develop and access both TIME and FINANCIAL freedom, I've found there are TWO groups of people that emerge following an amazing offer to help them start a business and change their lives:

1. Those that grasp the opportunity to start their own business; and
2. Those that don't.

When I ask if people received a lot of VALUE from the videos and information I provide, and if they want to establish their own business, the majority of replies are a resounding YES! However, the most surprising thing for me are the comments from those in the second group.... they still want to build their business but they fail to cease this wonderful opportunity because they are very nervous about joining.

The majority of people are nervous because of....

the PRICE which is linked with their thoughts that, 'IT PROBABLY WON'T WORK FOR ME....' AND.... other thoughts like 'NOW ISN'T THE RIGHT TIME,' and 'I'M TOO OLD TO LEARN NEW SKILLS.' The list of excuses continues. If now isn't the right time, 'when will be' is the thought that often enters my mind. 

The reason people don't have the life of their dreams right NOW is that of their CONDITIONING and their HABITS. All the knowledge in the world means nothing unless you take ACTION!

Even though we all want to improve our lives and create both time and financial freedom, when faced with an opportunity to do so, some people let it pass them by. Why is this?

The brutal truth is.....

Society teaches us to shy away from investing in OURSELVES!

Modern marketing technologies know human psychology so well that they can easily sell to us whatever they want. Too few spend time and money on improving themselves and growing. Some are very COMFORTABLE spending money on the next best smartphone or $1,000 plus dollars on the latest T.V. where we absorb the latest rubbish to brainwash our minds, but those programmes on that plush new television rarely tells us to invest in OURSELVES. Do we really need a new phone or the latest T.V.? Especially when the old ones work perfectly well.

Will buying these things REALLY improve your life, make you HAPPIER and FULFILLED? Will you and your bank account grow as a result of buying these items and will it move you towards a life of FREEDOM and your true desires? No, it won't. It will provide 5 minutes of pleasure and then you are on to the NEXT thing marketed to us to replace the lack of fulfilment in your lives.

Society wants YOU to be lazy and unsuccessful. Why? Because it wants you to spend money on THINGS, not THOUGHTS.

It wants you trapped in this cycle so you can be continually taxed at higher levels and controlled. A great book that illustrates this is Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. I'm not just saying this because I want to provoke, I'm saying this because I'm asking you to consider the possibility of this being true.


How many of us know people that actually take the time to spend money on developing their skills and the potential to break free from exchanging their time for money? Versus, how many know people that spend their money on 'stuff' they simply don't need? 

It's time for you to break free from this RAT RACE people now find themselves within. Is it possible that big corporations want you to buy their mindless products and/or potentially work for them on a capped salary each year rather than creating your own business and competing with them? I'll let you answer that question. Is it also possible that society is set up in a way to control people? Again, you be the judge of that too.

It's time to change the way things work and the way YOU work. Take action today.

To your success!

By Richard Kennedy

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