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Many times in life we fail to achieve something not because we can't do it or we are not good enough, or even having adopted a wrong strategy. We may have very well been bold enough to do what it takes, have the perfect strategy, done the work, addressed the right people, know that we deserve a happy end but success may not be coming our way. This moment is a breaking point where we may simply leave it all and feel frustrated not knowing why it is still not working.

I will tell you one very simple truth, dear readers. Most of the times what stops us from greatness is NOT DOING THE RIGHT THING LONG ENOUGH.

So the next time when you decide to make a dream come true or simply accomplish an idea, put a time frame but be generous. Expect miracles but be realistic, give yourself sufficient time to make it happen. 


Keep doing the right thing and the right people and opportunities will come your way. Just be patient enough as opportunities may not fly to you instantly. Sometimes they walk, wonder and at times even crawl. 

Being patient, and resistant to failure is a great quality. Jack Ma, the founder of the prosperous company is a great example of persistence. He says:

If you don't give up, you still have a chance. Giving up is the biggest failure.

He himself has been rejected jobs for 30 times, he failed primary school exams and apllied for Harvard university for 10 times and his application was declined. Anyone in his situation may have be now under strong medication having fallen into a deep depression. What did he do? Kept on trying. 

His advice for us is:

We have to get used being rejected. 

Blogging to your success!

Diana Christova


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