The Law of Attraction- Can You Think Positive When You Feel Negative?

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Law of Attraction- Can You Think Positive When You Feel Negative? 

Pushing yourself to feel good when you're feeling the opposite, can only make you feel more frustrated.  This tends to make people feel that “thinking positive” just doesn’t work. Has anyone ever told you to be positive? We often hear this is important to do, especially if we want to create the life that we want. The Law of Attraction states that what you focus on is what you get. But if you are feeling bad, how do you pivot to feeling better? How do you think positive when you feel negative?

Can You Have Negative Emotions and Go Straight to Feeling Positive?  

Many would assume that if they are feeling bad, they should try to think positive thoughts. But thinking positive thoughts without easing into a better state of mind when you are feeling bad, may just create more resistance… But how do we slow down the negative thoughts so that we can change how we feel and think positive?

What Many People Don't Know About Thinking Positive

 It makes sense that feeling good opens the door to other positive feelings and events in our lives. When we understand this, we may be more focused on keeping our thoughts positive. Most of us can agree it is logical that feeling good generates more positive emotions, and this state of well-being opens the door to more good in our lives.  The Law of Attraction would state that when we continue to focus on any state of mind or emotions, we build momentum towards the things we put our attention on. Those thoughts and emotions continue to generate the momentum, which continues to build up the more we focus on the situation.  This buildup of energy creates circumstances and events around us that validate the things our attention is pointed to so that they become "true" for us, which in turn continues to validate our belief that it's true. 

Consistent Thoughts in Any Direction Create Circumstances and Events to Match Them


When we have consistent thoughts and emotions in any direction, circumstances and events are created to match what our focus is pointed towards.  Sometimes we have a consistent focus on what we want, and other times we are thinking more of what we don't want. More often, it's a mix, and so this is exactly what shows up in our lives...A little good, and some not so good.

It seems like these things show up randomly, but The Law of Attraction would say they do not.  We may not be aware that we are putting our attention on unwanted things by talking or complaining about them. However, when we notice or talk about what is wrong about something, we are building momentum and drawing similar things to us.  Either way, what we put our attention on becomes true for us. Thoughts generate our mood, but it is the feeling that actually magnetizes energetically similar things to us.

It's Easier to Think in The Direction the Momentum is Going

Have you noticed when you're feeling overwhelmed, that other overwhelming things tend to be drawn to you?  Or, when you're feeling happy, it seems like it's easier for other good things to come your way? If we are feeling good, then it is easy to continue to draw similar thoughts and feelings to us. This is because we have built up feeling and momentum in this direction, which draws a similar level of energy, and similar situations and events. That is why, when we are feeling bad, it is easier and feels more natural for us to direct our thoughts in a negative way.  The same goes for feeling good, making it easier to think good thoughts and feelings. 

 Slow Down Your Thoughts First…

It is not possible to feel happy at the same time you are feeling frustrated. You have to gradually shift into better feeling thoughts first... But how? How do we change how we feel? If we are feeling bad for whatever reason, and we try really hard to have “happy thoughts,” we may be creating more resistance, because our momentum is too strong in the other direction. For example, have you ever tried to think positive thoughts when you were feeling frustrated and found that after a while it just makes you feel more frustrated? Like you are working really hard to feel good, which makes you actually feel worse? That is because when your feeling very strong in one direction, you have to slow down first before you turn around and go the other way.

 Changing Your feelings is a Gradual Process

Can you imagine what would happen to a car if you slammed on the breaks of a car going 100 miles an hour, without gradually slowing down first?  The car would spin out of control, or worse. But if you slow it down a little at a time, the car would glide to a slower pace, and eventually stop easily.  Our feelings are similar...When we have strong negative emotions, we need to gradually ease back into a better feeling direction. By pushing ourselves to think positive when we are feeling really bad, we just create more resistance and feel defeated. Trying to turn strong negative thoughts/feelings around when they have built up so much momentum, is like trying to stop a speeding car by slamming on the breaks.  

Redirect Your Thinking and Change Your Mood For The Better? 12 Practical Steps...

Remember, one cannot improve any situation from a place of feeling bad. We create circumstances equal to the feeling state we are in. So thinking from a negative state of mind creates more of the same.  Here are 12 practical steps that can help...

  1. Think of any generally positive aspects of the situation or person.
  2. Make a list of everything you appreciate, even if it is unrelated to the person or situation. This gets the good mojo flowing...
  3. STOP thinking about it and distract yourself by thinking or do something completely different, until your mood is lighter.
  4. Do not try to solve the issue or think it through.  You cannot find a satisfying resolution from a place of feeling bad, so stop trying.
  5. Let go of the struggle and focus on something else.
  6. Change the subject or do something else, preferably something that you enjoy.
  7. Meditation- Most effective in the mornings, but good anytime.  The most effective way to do a mood “reset” without taking a nap. (Making meditation a regular part of your daily routine can be one of the best ways to achieve a daily sense of well-being, and be able to bounce back from challenges in life, more easily.)
  8. Take a nap- This gives your mind a natural "reset."Take a walk, or do some kind of physical activity.
  9. Physical activity- is a great way to release unwanted energy and allow more flow in your being.
  10. Breathe- deep belly breaths, in for a count of 3, hold 2 seconds, out for a count of 5.
  11. Soothing words to yourself about the situation in a general way (For example, "It's okay, I don't have to think about this now." or "I can focus on what I can do something about, and not give this my attention right now." or "Even if I can't see it now, I know there is a bigger picture in this situation." or "I am going to give myself a break and leave this alone for now.")
  12. Allowing in solutions.  Once you are in a more positive state of being, you may find that more satisfying solutions show up. This is because you have released the struggle, and are not trying so hard. Trying hard creates resistance and prevents what you want fro flowing more easily to you...

Ignore Reality? Yes, Until You Feel Better

Some people think that to ignore your problems is to ignore reality.  But what is important to ask yourself is, "Is it a reality I want to create more of?" If so, then focus away. If not, would thinking more about it resolve the issue, or continue to perpetuate the current reality?

The Law of Attraction would say that trying to find an answer from the place of feeling bad, will just create more of the thing you don't want. When we are feeling upset, we will not find a solution that is satisfying.

Than what? We need to lighten the mood in order to allow solutions that are the most beneficial. We have the ability to change our state of mind and emotions, and it does not have to take a very long time. We just need to be intentional with our thinking, and consistent when we notice we are off course.  That is the part that may need discipline and consistency. But what is most important for us to embrace is that we create what we focus on, whether we want it or not. 

P.S.- Stay tuned for my Next Blog About What Not to do when we are feeling negative…

Andrea Carin Pirsch, LICSW
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