Life constantly changes.

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 Life constantly changes! 

Remember what it was like to be young? Childhood is awesome! 

Remember being a teen? We can all write a book about our teenage years!

Remember your 20's, 30's or even your 40's? What was that like?

This is what life looked like for me.

Both my parents lived in Montreal Canada in the early 60's as Greek immigrants, doing what they could to make ends meet. I'm sure that a lot of you good people out there can relate, I too can relate to this as I have always been a nomad.  

Somewhere between the early 60's and 1972 (which is when my older brother was born) they had met and that is an entire story of its own, as I was saying, my brother was born and then I came along and shortly after my younger brother came to be.

Montreal was my birthplace and home for the first 8 years of my childhood and I have only a few flashback memories of that period in time. Toronto, Ontario was home in the early to mid 80's, Pape & Danforth greek town "yippee" where else... during my childhood I was surrounded by people speaking a language I didn't understand (Greek). I spoke two languages at a young age, French, and English and ok maybe a few Greek words something along the lines of "Mama! I need money".

Met my first love in Toronto what an angel she was, Caroline was her name and her mother was from England, can't say I remember her dad I maybe met him once. So come summer of 1986 my parents decide it's time to go back to Greece, I was in Shock!. 

If any of you have had this experience please put in the comment section below what that felt like, I would love to hear it.


This is a picture of my brothers and myself in1985, Toronto. (flimsy kid on the left)


As a kid, there was nothing I could say or do to change my parent's mind... I was off to a country I never knew existed (what can I say) and to make things worse Greece is a dot on the map I thought to myself. 


See the difference in size!

Below is a picture of the first kind of car I had seen when I set my foot through the front doors of the airport in Athens Greece.


Didn't speak the language but as a kid, you pick up things very fast and so in a few months time I could speak well enough to get by. As a teen, I went to Hellenikon High school in Athens. Crazy yet an awesome period of my life, maybe at some later date I tell you a few stories about those years.

Santorini island in the Aegean Sea would be my next stop, now 17 years of age I was out to live life to its fullest. I found a job at a small 1* star hotel in the village of Perissa.


Perissa! Amazing right!

Here is another picture of Santorini island


This town was exactly what any teen would call Paradise! countless beach bars, restaurants, bars, and tourist shops, car and motorbike rentals and a beach 8klm long. I won't be getting into details in this post but try to imagine what that summer would look like for you. Keep in mind this place was put on earth to Party!

The summer went by in what seemed like a few weeks and I hated the fact that the summer season was over. I went back to my home in mainland Greece and probably slept for 16 days straight only getting up for food and well you know, let's not get graphic.



After hibernating for a few weeks I decided I would join the Greek Navy and for the next 19 months of my life, I was placed on the island of Rhodes.

This is not me (obviously) in the video.

This is me in the picture below, between the ladies. Lardos village 1993.


Now at the age of 19, I became restless again and left Greece for England.

I stayed in Eastbourne and then Seaford finally moving to Milton Keynes where I found a factory job at Hankow Bachelor tea company. Milton Keynes is a whole other story for another future date.

Leaving England in the summer of 1996 and by this time as white as a ghost due to the weather, I decided to go back to Santorini island Greece to relax and start a new chapter in my so far nomadic life and from there back to Athens.  

October of 1996 I started work at The Athens Hilton in the banqueting department and stayed there for four years making money left and right due to the connections I had made from within the hotel. 

Finally, I decided to ask for a transfer to a Hilton in Cairo but was denied by the Banqueting manager who was at that point in time the father of the young lady I was dating. Soon after, I quit and went on to do new things leaving the hotel and my lady friend in the rearview mirror.

Between the years of 2000/2002, I did various unfulfilling jobs, I worked in a pet shop and then went to a fast food joint until one night in fall my uncle Kosta dropped by whilst I was at work and asked me if I would join him the following summer back to Santorini island as he was renting a hotel and needed help in running the place. Off to the Aegean sea once more!


Life was GooooooD!!!

Now 29 years old, summer of 2003 and I was loving it. 

The first season was rough, we weren't fully prepared for that season but we had to start making a name for ourselves and of course all the right connections. The following summer was the European soccer cup and Greece had qualified! The hotel was packed that summer and the fact that Greece had won the European cup made that season so much more exciting.

In July of 2007, it was time for me to fulfill my dream of starting a dog kennel. Pit bulls are the love of my life when it comes to man's best friend and over the years I had lived around them. 

undefined BNP's Mystical Blue Maya

undefined BNP's Sexual Quality aka "S.Q"

undefined BNP's Hillside Bandit aka "TANK"


Tank & me just out of airport customs at Spata airport.


S.Q & one of his pups at Apbt ( American pit bull terrier) event held by one of the Pitbull clubs in Athens.

Below are just a few of the pups my kennel has produced over the years.





If you would like to know the rest of the story please visit my blog in a few days...

Please feel free to comment on anything below and thank you for taking the time to get to know me.

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