Life: Do You Ever Look Back at Yours?

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Do you ever take a moment to back track on things you do on a daily/weekly/monthly or yearly basis?

Are you one of those who dwell on the past and never let go? 

In short, how do you make use of your past experiences?

To answer my own question before you do...I am one of those who is obsessed with the past. I love looking back and I honestly don't see anything wrong with looking back if you are doing it for the right reasons.

Growing up, I have never been one of those who keep diary but what I continuously see myself doing is journal writing. Where I keep each prayer that I pray with dates, along with life advises either from self or others then after sometimes I would go back and read to see how was my prayers answered or how the advises help to shift my life be it positively or not. As this became a part of me (back-reading my journals and getting amazed by how Great my God is as He answers each prayer that I prayed) I decided to get into blogging just to share few of my experiences through self-advice/motivation that I can later access easily and read whenever I want, no matter where I am.

Below is a pace that I wrote back on 12/19/17 on my private blog title "You must Get Tired to Gain Energy"...

"You must get tired of the setbacks. Get tired of the negativities. Get tired of the failures. Get tired of being in the same spot without any improvement. Get tired of being told how to live your life. Get Tired!! You must get tired of others telling you how weak and good for nothing of a person you are. Get tired of moving in circle with the same negative people who won't help you see the good in yourself. You need to move forward. You deserve the best in life. You are destined for greatness. You need to put some energy in your daily life to achieve your goals and reach your dreams but for you to do so....

You should reach a point where you can feel comfortable using the pronoun "I" to see a difference. And that starts with you going like this: ......I won't live by others expectation any more. I'm not going to wait for approval before seeking after what I love. I won't follow other desires to live my life. I am not going to eliminate my choices in life just to please those around me. I won't put anyone happiness before mine. I am not going to do things I don't want to do just to keep other happy with me. I won’t hide my feelings because of fear that someone will feel bad if I get to speak my mine. I won't criticize others for being who they are. I won’t judge others without knowing their stories. I won't say things I know that I cannot do. I won't try to be someone I am not just to fit in. I won't change myself to be accepted. I won't worry about others' problems that I cannot solve. I won't focus on how others see me when I will never see myself through their eyes. I won't belittle myself among the group when I am capable of being anything in life...that which including being great! I won't get myself involve in things that are not necessary to my growth. I won't be a part of anything that I have no business being a part of. I won't allow anyone's negative spirit to overshadow my optimist spirit. Anywhere I find myself I am the one in power because He that is in me is Greater than he that is in the World (1 John 4:4). There is no place in life that I cannot reach, no goal I can't accomplish when I have the strength to work harder each day than the day before. "


For some reason this post touch me so bad as I read through tonight on this 28th day of February, exactly one month after starting my new life changing journey. Just before writing that post on that day, it was four days after my 26th birthday when I couldn't even buy myself a battle of water (But to show home amazing my Daddy God is, Thanks to Him someone gave me $200 for my birthday dinner). I was at my weakest point going through some tough time not knowing what to do, what steps to take or let me just say it was my "breakdown-moment." It was few months after quitting my full-time job with The Home Depot and using all my little savings to do CNA-training, thinking that it would be a "quick-fix" to new beginning. Later did I find myself four months after with CNA license, no job, overdue bills and a confused mind with a weak soul. 

It is a beath-taken moment for me looking back at my past today and knowing how low things went for me within those few months, then realizing that within less than just two months following that post I am seeing myself at another level. Though I was at my weakest, I knew that wasn't the end of it all. I needed to wake myself up, get some encouragement and seek for energy. I am glad that I said those few words to myself. As I look back today, since that post YouTube became my best friend for motivational speeches/prayers. Through that, I found myself a community that is now suppling me with all the energy that I will ever need to make my life better this 2018 and years to come just from a click on an ad that showed up while I was watching one of my motivational videos. 

                                To relate: below is the link that started it all.


It is amazing to look back and be grateful to God for taking you through life selflessly from one level to the next. Today I have no worries about my phone being suspended in few days, all my credit cards are up to date with just two more of my many bills past due and I'm in process of setting up payments within the next few days!! all will be up to date. This isn't from a get rich quick scam, but just a community that mentor, teach, and guide you through step-by-step trainings on a daily basis.  Real life trainings that will help shift your mindset from a person who thinks nothing is possible to thinking you can do it all if you keep your mind to it as you do the work. They're giving me all the resources needed to empower myself and create the lifestyle that I want to live.

It Time Permits, You can check out below link to meet two of my great mentors in this amazing community (just copy and paste in your browser)


All thanks to God for His countless blessings and His Grace and Mercy upon my life. Also, I appreciate you taking out your time to read through. It's my prayer that you find some meaning to it and share with someone. Please don't forget to leave a comment if possible and it will be an honor to have you keep up with me on this new few days-years from now we could look back at this together.


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