Limiting Beliefs: An Exploration

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It has only been in the past year or so that I have been exposed to the term limiting beliefs.  The great thing about vernacular we don't commonly use, is that it prompts us to sit up and take note. I remember this in the Landmark Forum when I first participated back in 2000. They used strange terms like "Running a Racket" and " Already Always Listening".   Both were referred to as distinctions because they distinguished a concept that was in fact running automatically in us that we were unable to see. By using uncommon terminology to explain a concept, you could use it and it would be like a slap upside the head when someone pointed it out or you caught yourself exhibiting those kinds of behaviours. 
For me the term limiting beliefs is something I believe to be true that in fact isn't and it limits me in the way I act or in the way I'm being. For instance, right now as I try and write this blog post I find myself feeling frustrated and unfocused. I used to love writing and I thought this would be easy for me to do but it hasn't been.  Its been a lot more challenging for me to get my thoughts and ideas down on paper in a coherent way. And this has been going on for a couple weeks now. I have this belief that I should be able to do this, or I should be blogging and getting stuff onto my website. I should be farther along than this. What if I can't get this right? Maybe this is the wrong thing for me to do. Maybe I should pick Video instead? Then my mind thinks about video and I go to the fact that I don't have a nice area with good lighting and I have to look professional and to buy all those lights and the right camera is going to be too expensive. Then I think well really, I should just throw my money in and sign up for the 32,500 DEA Black and they'll kick my ass. Then I'll get this. But my mind goes to 32,500 US$ is 41,000 CDN! I don't have that kind of money. That’s why I'm doing this in the first place, to make that kind of money so I don't have to have THAT conversation about not being able to afford things!
All that stuff scrambling my brain, its no wonder I can't find an orderly train of thought. There is nothing orderly about what is on my mind right now. So, let’s see if I can use some of my 19 years of training to coach myself through this conundrum.
In this very moment am I safe? Yes. Is there anything I absolutely have to do right now that if I didn’t do it I’d lose my life or something bad would happen? No
Am I supported right now? Yes
You should be focused and calm right now?  Is that true? No I shouldn’t be because I’m not. 
When you believe you should be focused and calm and you’re not, what happens inside you? I try harder. I make myself wrong. I try something else and just add to the confusion.  I start to feel my neck get tight. I feel tired. I just want to give up. I feel hopeless. 
What if you couldn’t believe that thought that you should be focused and clear right now? Or that you should be able to write a good blog post right now?
I would relax and listen to some of the other things on the SFM that make me happy. I might listen to Abraham because they always enlighten me. I would relax and not worry because listening to Guy and Ilan Satori’s podcast today I realized that in one year from now I want to FEEL more connected, clear, joyful, more freedom and passion and a real sense of adventure. 
You should be calm and focused right now. Turn that thought around.  
I shouldn’t be calm and focused right now. 
Give 3 statements that support that sentence.  
1.      I shouldn’t be because I’m not.
2.       I can’t be any more or any less focused than I am in any given moment.
3.      Right now I could be in the crazy artistic mode where being focused would stifle my creativity.
4.      How do I even know what calm and focused REALLY looks like. Maybe I am calm and focused but I have an expectation about what that means.
What is the limiting belief I have about an in order to?  I need to be calm and focused in order to write articulately and for people to want to read what I’ve written?  What about the people who have minds that aren’t calm and focused. Perhaps a journey down the rabbit hole with me is exactly what would attract them to me? 
What if it didn’t matter what I wrote.  What if I was writing for me and not some website that would translate into millions for me.  What would it be like to just write for the love of writing. For the energetic exchange of wild untamed mind to tamed, still words on paper, or in this case.. computer?
When and who taught us that anything we do or say is not acceptable? The world is filled with acceptable people. People doing as they were and are told. Living in houses they thought they had to buy, working at jobs they believe they have to work at, buying things they think they need.
What about throwing recklass abandonment to all of it? What if you didn’t have to make the money you think you have to? You don’t have to stay with the person you’re staying with, you don’t have to live in the city ,house, country, hemisphere you are in? 
I can’t help but laugh at people who say “ we can’t just do what ever we want, it would be chaos”.
Really?  More chaos than we are seeing now in a world of every man for himself? War, fear, drugs, depression, anxiety, rules, deadness?  How could it possibly be worse if people could be, do, or have whatever they wanted? 
What if people could work at any job they were passionate about? They could live anywhere that made their heart sing. They could be with whoever they wanted? And more. What if they could change their minds when that job, relationship, city.. stopped being their inspiration. They could change their mind and it would be acceptable because everyone would be doing the same thing, unless they weren’t.  You could never get it wrong and you’d never get it done so you’d be living for the moment instead of panicking about the future or suffering over the past. 
Okay I get that this just seems way to far fetched for most people but the best part is that it doesn’t matter what most people think. It ONLY matters what I think.  I know we all see things differently based on our view of life.  Not one of us is the same. We share similar things but we CAN”T know what another person thinks or feels.  
As I work through limiting beliefs, one after another, I heal a little part of me but open many more doors to explore.  Our perceptions and views expand, they don’t get smaller.  Our lives get richer because we are changing the rules about how we are living them.  I love this person is soon seen as a limiting belief as well.  We begin to see that love isn’t something we do, it is who we are. To limit it to a few souls is ludicrous. If you are LOVE, YOU ARE LOVE. 
It would be like a fish lamenting because he wants to feel a drop of water. He is in a billion trillions gajillion drops of water.  He can only feel the entirety of the water not one little drop.
Maybe an off base analogy but I hope you get the idea.. or not. IT doesn’t matter because you will get what you get and I get what I get and every time we ponder the concepts, they will shift and change just like we do. 

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