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Your Job is not a reflection of what you deserve

Let me start with a simple, but a critical statement: I am a frustrated worker!

Said like this it sounds like the author is a depressed, pessimistic and passive worker.

Not at all! 

It is a statement of fact of a 'poor' guy that is entrapped in the nastiest of the state of mind: 'Comfort Zone'. That is - knowing that you are lying in hardship but keeping that 'status quo' because you are terrified of

C H A N G E S.

Yeah, you read well - terrified of changes. There is no more destructive feeling than that of

'knowing you need a change, but been afraid of the changes that such a modification could carry'

Having worked for the same company, at the same level for two decades, one picks up that 'deadly routine' that is difficult to shake up in a matter of a blink of an eye. Same colleagues, same usings, even the same smell you enter your workplace!! All so familiar, so characterized with your lifestyle, that you don't even notice that you got into a cul-de-sac that has no exits (unless you want it deep inside).

Seems a dramatic point of view. Something scary and not believable for those that 

  1. are happy in their job
  2. care of nothing - they just change their work at the first dismal situation

But it is a difficult, mind tearing situation. Carefulness is needed - and jokes are not permissible now! 

Personally, I know (fully aware) that I deserve much MORE than I have obtained lately. 

This should be used as a point to start, start what? Start again, carry on with journey (i.e. life), leaving this awful tour (present job) and climbing up a luxurious and well-equipped plane (new job) to the destination ahead.

Sounds easy. Better write it here than performing it. 
But it is a Start - something positive indeed!

Pierre & Simone

Bonavia Camilleri

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