Overcoming Challenges by Understanding Entropy, Energy, Leverage, and Synergy

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In order to explain the approach to overcoming challenges by understanding entropy, energy, leverage, and synergy, we need to first know the current state of affairs and why understanding these things is important. It's also worth mentioning this is an overview of a process and I may write future blogs about that will break down and explain further some specific aspects in this article.

"How Things Are"

Overcoming Challenges by Understanding Entropy, Energy, Leverage, and Synergy

The concept of entropy is a scientific concept that is explained through the laws of thermodynamics. In layman's terms, entropy shows us that everything on our planet is being pulled in a downward spiral. You can see this everywhere from simple things like deteriorating fruit left to itself to more personal things like allowing your physical body to get out of shape and/or overweight. It doesn't take any effort to get overweight or out of shape, but it takes some attention and energy to keep our bodies fit.

The Place of Energy

To restate the obvious, it takes a degree of personal energy to overcome the effects of the downward pull in all areas of our personal lives. Some analogies I've heard to help explain what I mean by this are running up a down escalator, priming a pump, running uphill, etc.  The best sources of energy lies within ourselves. Briefly, here are a couple of sources of energy we can discover right within ourselves:

  • For those of you who are people of faith or belief in God or a Higher Power, prayer and meditation can be used to discover and release spiritual energy.
  • Discovering our passions, purpose, mission, vision, etc. can be a great resource of revisited energy when we get tired. Here the saying applies again, "When your why is big enough, the how doesn't matter."
  • Another source of energy is self-encouragement which could come in the form of revisiting past victories, positive self-talk, and visualizing future victories to give some examples.

Sources of energy outside of ourselves include:

  • Others who know us, have our best interests in mind, and know how to encourage us. 
  • We can also revitalize ourselves through breaks and leisure times away from our work routine.

The Final Perspective Determines the Resulting Attitude

Overcoming Challenges by Understanding Entropy, Energy, Leverage, and Synergy

It may be true in our lives that we have been "given a bad deal," or "didn't deserve to be given the treatment we got," or " have it twice or three times as hard as the next person," or a number of other true and fair statements.  There's also value in being honest with ourselves about how we may feel and grieving our loses instead of stuffing or ignoring our feelings.  But we eventually need to reframe our past and look to find solutions to our present challenges like lessons to learn, skills to acquire, victories to run with, etc. Some of us may need to "pay many times the price to get our victories as the next person."  We really need to keep in mind that the cost of dying with our dreams unfulfilled is the worst price to pay ever.  I've heard various people say, "attitude determines lattitude" which refers to the winning attitude.  So your final perspective will ultimately lead to your present attitude which will lead to your future destiny.

The Winning Approach

Overcoming Challenges by Understanding Entropy, Energy, Leverage, and Synergy

You have discovered sources of energy, arrived with the winning attitude, and now you need to use the winning approach.  But first, you need to understand the reason for this approach. Efficiency in the use of valuable resources  (which in many cases, are time, energy, and money) is a great reason to "move with our victories."  What I mean by this is that we need to decide what aspects of our vision, mission, dream, etc that we need to work on first.  The way we determine this is by evaluating which aspects we can make the most progress on the quickest.  This may look like building part of a couple of houses simultaneously until all the houses are finished.  By choosing to "move with our victories" we build confidence, feelings of fulfillment, energy, and discover opportunities for leveraging and synergies.

What is Leverage?

Leverage as applied to using the three resources of time, money, and energy is the taking of one of these resources and increasing it's value quickly and efficiently in order to accomplish a goal or goals. When we harness the use of leverage, we can overcome the downward pull of entropy as we consistently apply it over time.

What is Synergy?

Synergy is the cooperation or interaction of two things whose combined effort produces something greater than the two original objects.  Synergy in regard to reaching our goals can occur when people work together, organizations work together, or when we combine two tasks into one to name a few examples.

In Summation

The world we live in is subject to a "downward pull" in all areas of our lives.  In order to overcome this downward pull, we need to discover and use sources of energy, use the winning attitude, utilize the winning approach, discover areas of leverage and synergies in our lives.

Your Application

Do you recognize the existence and effect of entropy on every area of your life?  What are your wellsprings or sources of energy in your life?  Are you practicing the winning attitude and winning approach in your life?  Are you utilizing leverage and synergies in your life?  Are you overcoming challenges by understanding entropy, energy, leverage, and synergy in your life? 

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