Making Progress

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Hello everyone,

What a grey day it has been today.

I have dutifully done my physio exercises this morning and I also did a new kettlebell core workout which was a core one and really quite hard! I could however tell how improved I am strength wise in that area as 74 days ago I would have really struggled so that’s a bonus.

I had a super green smoothie for breakfast to power me up and I am still not snacking in the mornings and feel I have made some real progress here as I used to always feel hungry.  I have done a lot of trial and error to find out what suits me food and routine wise but it’s well worth it.

Today I have reminded myself of the progress I have made over the weeks since I started this challenge and I am doing really well.  It’s ok to look back now and again as it can give you perspective on how far you have come, just don’t dwell in the past.

I have a physio appointment tonight so we shall see how I am getting on there and what other exercises I have to do.  I am just so looking forward to get to start running again and soon hopefully.

I will be having a quick tea tonight which is a little tomato, mozzarella and basil tart with sweet potato fries.  I might even treat myself and have a couple of squares of chocolate.

My Instagram account is channel_freedom and the link is here.

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